How to use bank cells

A banking cell is a metal box that stores valuable things. Cells are of different sizes. For storing documents and securities, smaller cells are used, at the same time there are cells to preserve larger items.

In a bank that provides storage services in individual cells, there is a separate room, which is under the protection of the security and fire system. Clients use banking cells do not threaten losses in case of bankruptcy. In accordance with the law, the contents of bank cells are inviolable for creditors. The service of using the bank cell is confidential. The bank does not have the right to disclose information in providing a bank cell to third parties. On the contents stored in the cell, the tenant can leave a will.

To use the bank cell, you must conclude an agreement with the bank.

There are two types of contracts:

Lease contract. In this case, any values ​​can be stored in the cell. The bank in this case guarantees that strangers will not have access to the cell. Payment for rental cells is lower than under a storage agreement. In addition, the confidentiality of the contents of the cell remains;

Storage agreement. Unlike a lease agreement in this case, an inventory of stored things is drawn up. Thus, the bank is responsible for storing specific items.

To conclude an agreement on the provision of a bank cell with the bank, you only need a personal passport, or any other document certifying your identity.

If you want to give access to the cell, a third party will need to draw up an agreement with a notary public. After drawing up the contract and paying the lease value, the key and identification card will be given to you, with which you will get access to the cell.

You can use your cell on any business day of the bank, or there is an opportunity to agree on the possibility of access to the cell and at non -working hours.

Without your permission and presence, the bank cell can be opened, if there is reason to believe that it has prohibited things for storing. Or if this is required by law enforcement agencies on the basis of the Law of the Russian Federation.

Bank cells are a modern and very convenient way to keep their savings, documents and other values.