How to use a kagor correctly

Kagor is usually called red dry wine, which is used in church rites. The preparation of such a wine follows special technology. Kagor is obtained by cooking grapes. This method allows you to preserve substances that affect the saturation of taste and color.

How to use a kagor correctly

Therefore, Kagor received another name boiled wine. But this is an erroneous opinion. Real wine called Kagor is made in a small provincial town of Kaor.

In what cases are Kagor use

In our country in houses, this wine is drunk during feasts for such holidays as Easter and Christmas. These gatherings are carried out only with the most family and friends. Loud and noisy meetings with a large number of people are not suitable for drinking Kagor.

You can use it and marking any family celebrations. The temperature of the wine should not exceed 18?WITH. It is customary to serve Kagor to dessert dishes, but it is also allowed to use it during the entire dinner or lunch. In the church, this wine is diluted as follows: 1 part of the water into 5 parts of wine.

CAGORA dishes used to use

Pour the kagor into glasses having a volume of 240-255 ml and a shape similar to a tulip bud. The height of his legs should not exceed 5 cm and the ring should be located on it. It is intended for ladies who want to elegantly hold a glass.

Conditions of Kagor

When drinking this wine, one should not rush, because only in use in this rhythm will help to try out the exquisite taste and feel a great aroma.

How to use a kagor correctly

There is a belief about Kagor. It is believed that it helps to strengthen the connection between those people who drink it, as well as between an individual and higher spiritual forces.

According to etiquette, the conversation during the use of Kagor is prohibited. In the room where this happens, absolute silence should reign. Kagor is customary to drink in small sips and small portions. This wine is allowed to consume separately or with coffee or chocolate. You can combine this wine with Easter cake, lean and other pastries. Thanks to this combination, almond, chocolate and creamy taste notes are better felt.

Sometimes the kagor is heated. This does not violate etiquette only if it is used as a medicine for problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Fill an incomplete glass with wine, but only by 1/3.

Kagor is the main attribute of the sacrament, coil, baptism. It symbolizes the blood of Christ. The opening of the bottle occurs 25-30 minutes before the start of its drink. CAGOR is used as an ingredient for the preparation of mulled wine. Thus, the possibility of the full opening of the bouquet of aromas of this wine is given the opportunity.

The choice of Kagor

You can enjoy this wine if you have chosen it correctly and it is of high quality. And checking the quality of Kagor is very simple. Dilution of it with water will not affect the color in any way. It will remain a rich red color. Unlike other wines, the kagor does not improve with age, so you need to purchase it with an endurance of 3-4 years.

How to use a kagor correctly

The old Kagor can be distinguished by brick color. Preferences should be given to such brands of CAGOMS as Massandra, Cachet and Inkerman, which are widespread in Russia. Pay attention to its price. Kagor should not have a low cost. Another way of checking quality is the appearance of tears, after pouring it into a container and scrolling. This can exclude the purchase of a fake.

Enjoyment of the use of this wine directly depends on its quality. You can protect yourself from a fake by buying wine in a company store, which is trepidated by your reputation.