How to understand shy guys

If you met a shy guy, then you will need to be patient. Usually it is girls who make the man suffer, and guess what kind of feelings she experiences for him, does she love him or not. However, if your young man is shy, then in your pair the opposite.

How to understand shy guys

And guess and wait when he decides to open your feelings to you, you have to. And there is only one way out, you should learn to read between the lines. You just should pay attention to his behavior and attitude towards you, and then you can understand what feelings he feels for you.

He is constantly looking at you. Moreover, it doesn’t matter here whether you are next to each other or are at a distance, he literally cannot take the eye from you. If you intercept his gaze, he can pretend to be looking the other way. But you do not need to be offended by this. It’s just modest and shy of you.

Your presence always causes him a smile. And not always even a presence. Sometimes even a simple mention of your name is enough for him to smile.

He is nervous. Due to the fact that he is overwhelmed by feelings for you and he is afraid to do something wrong and everything begins to spoil the shy guy begins to get nervous. Moreover, he can also accidentally break something or spoil.

He constantly tells you compliments. Especially if he makes compliments even in the smallest and ridiculous weather, this means that everything in you delights him. He simply cannot find the right words to express it.

He often allegedly meets you by chance. No need to think about him that he is a maniac and watching you. The fact that he seeks to see you and does it through random meetings, says that he just wants to see you and literally and cannot spend the day without seeing you.

How to understand shy guys

He is always ready to come to your aid. Of course, because of shyness, he is most likely not distinguished by eloquence. But he is probably responsive and will always be ready to help you. You just have to hint to him that you need his help, and he will immediately be ready to provide her.

A shy guy behaves quite politely. Of course, now you can not meet this too often. However, a shy guy treat the object of his sympathy reverently and completely surround by their care. However, even your light touch to him can drive him into the paint.