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How to shave correctly “

A razor is an excellent invention that allows you to get rid of vegetation on the face and body. Smooth and pure shaving is a kind of art. To date, there are several types of razor machines:

A one -time machine

Replaceable blades

Electric power plant

Everyone chooses a suitable machine for their skin. It is the easiest to use electric shoes, but this option is not suitable for everyone. It is best smooth shaving that provides a regular disposable machine or machine with interchangeable blades. The main thing is that the machine has a sharp blade. A blunt blade can lead to skin irritation. Disposable machines change every two or three shaving.

There are several non -cunning tips in order to get smooth clean skin as a result of shaving:

Before starting shaving, it is necessary to thoroughly wash with hot water.  For better preparation of the skin for shaving, moisten a small towel in hot water and attach to the skin of the face for 30 seconds. This procedure helps to soften the skin and hair;

Apply a special gel or shaving foam. To do this, evenly distribute the product over the entire surface with smooth circular movements of the fingers or brush;

Shaving start with cheeks. From above the bottom from the place of the beginning of the hair growth and to the line of the chin. For more effective shaving, you can slightly pull the skin of the face, so the skin becomes more elastic. After each passage of the razor, the blade should rinse the blade under a stream of hot water along the bristle. Not hard hair is easier to remove if the blade is dipped in ice water and steam the skin. If hair is hard cold water during shaving is contraindicated. Lastly, the chin and mustache shave, as too hard bristles are softened longer;

Wash to cleanse your face from the residues of the foam and carefully examine the skin area. If there are not shaved areas, walk around them with a machine again, gel or foam at the same time can not be applied. It is usually recommended to shave in hair growth, but for difficult to accessible places you can go against hair growth;

After the shaving process is completed, wash with cold water and apply a special lotion to the skin after shaving. After a while, you can apply a regular moisturizer that will calm the skin.

Morning more comfortable shaving time. Do not shave every day, hair grows faster from frequent shaving.