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How to relax in Morocco

The unique colorful country of Morocco captivates its guests with the eastern palaces, boiling waterfalls, citrus gardens, lakes, mountain peaks with snow at the tops, cedar forests, as well as desert. In addition to the richest nature in the country there is a full spectrum for a comfortable and unforgettable rest.

How to relax in Morocco

Here you can find cozy hotels, from the most fashionable to simple boarding houses, equipped beaches, ski resorts, clean beaches, excursion services and perfectly plying transport.


Morocco has many interesting places, and a wide variety of excursions are organized. Each resort has its own raisen and offers a lot of entertainment.


The city is the royal residence and, therefore, Rabat is the center of politics. But this does not prevent him from receiving countless guests, because there are many interesting places here: the national zoo, the fortress of Kasba-Udaya, the huge beautiful mosque, the mausoleum, where the graves of the ancient kings rest. The city has a very diverse architecture that combined European and oriental styles, be sure to take a walk along the streets in which the flavor is still preserved. There are several curious museums in Rabat, such as the National Museum of Crafts or Museum of Moroccan Art.


The city is an economic Mecca and includes a business part with huge buildings and modern buildings. But, in the area of ​​the old city, the eastern streets are perfectly preserved, where there are very few vehicles, and instead you will see real donkeys.

How to relax in Morocco

A lot of souvenir shops and shops spread everywhere. Casablanca in translation matters – the city of white houses, which is why you will see a lot of old surviving stone buildings of white color. It is recommended to visit the Hassan Second Mosque, which accommodates more than 25,000 believing parishioners, and also has the highest minaret in the world (200m). The streets of the Habbus quarter, you can have a good bargain by visiting confectionery, pottery, as well as olive markets.


Those who want to enjoy a beach vacation should visit Agadir, the most popular resort with 300 favorable sunny days a year. The best beaches of the country spread here, the length of which is about 7 km. For vacationers, a complete set of entertainment associated with the sea is provided: Windsurfing, Sailing, surfing, water bicycles and scooters. Also in Agadir, trips on camels, horses and walks to unforgettable dunes are organized.


The city is the ancient capital of the country. It will be interesting to visit the most exotic place Square Jemaa -el-Fna, where you will see snake spells, musicians, and in the evenings you will have popular local dishes. In Marrakesh, the Kutubia mosque, majority gardens, palaces, interesting Arab markets and museums are recommended for visiting.


Purchases in Morocco have a special charm, because you get to the real Arab bazaars, with their color, culture and eastern spirit.

How to relax in Morocco

Do not forget to bargain, throw off a little price by a tradition in noisy local markets. First of all, in Morocco, everyone is in a hurry to purchase grandmothers, national shoes with bent noses, for women they are made with interesting embroidery in front. Buy home popular local sweets: various sugared fruits, nuts or dates. If you are a lover of jewelry, then here you will find exquisite gold and silver bracelets, earrings and rings in an interesting Moorish style. A lot of souvenirs are sold in Morocco around, the most famous of them are caskets, hookahs, Marokon lamps, as well as copper ketters and original trays.