How to protect yourself with repellents from a gnus and ticks

Mosquitoes, midges, blowjob, blind, mosquitoes, ticks cause a lot of troubles. They not only exhaust them with their bites, but are also carriers of pathogens of some infectious diseases. Where the number of the gnus is large, it has to be defended from it with the help of scaring means.

For applying to the skin, water-alcohol and emulsion lotions, creams (liniments), solutions and foam in aerosol cylinders, repellent pencils and bars, paper towels saturated with repellent compounds are intended.

A small amount of lotion or cream, solution or foam from aerosol cylinder (from a distance of 4-5 centimeters) is applied to the palm of your hand, then, trying not to rub, they lubricate open parts of the body.

How to protect yourself with repellents from a gnus and ticks

The duration of the protective effect of drugs is not the same. Creams and emulsions provide the longest protection for 2-6 hours; The foam and the drug applied using a repellent napkin is protected only from mosquitoes for 1-1.5 hours. The duration of the drug depends on the nature of the human labor. In severe physical work associated with increased sweating, it is reduced by 2-3 times.

In areas where there are a lot of vile and ticks, to protect against them, it is necessary to impregnate clothes, nets, capes with repellent preparations. In order for blood -sucking insects to fly less into the room, in some cases it is advisable to treat the curtains, curtains, windows and doors, tents with repellents.

How to protect yourself with repellents from a gnus and ticks

To impregnate clothes into enameled or galvanized dishes, pour an emulsion or a solution of repellent and immerse the thing into it for 20-30 minutes. Then squeeze slightly and place for drying outdoors in the shade or in a well-ventilated non-residential room for at least 5-6 hours. The scaring effect after such processing is saved 3-5 weeks. If you use clothes (grids) irregularly, store it in plastic bags.

Carry out clothing from the aerosol cylinder to protect against the gnus for 20 seconds, from ticks-40 seconds. Do this only outdoors from a distance of 10-12 centimeters. Clothing, processed in this way, protects against bloodsuckers for 1-3 days.

You can protect the premises from insects without repellents, tightening the windows or window windows or metal fine -fingered mesh or hanging them with nylon tulle or gauze.

To protect yourself from ticks, put on ordinary clothes correctly. Twine shirts into trousers and tighten the belt, and trousers-in boots or socks with an elastic band. Be sure to fix the sleeves of the shirt with an elastic band at the wrist, fasten the collar tightly. In this case, replacing drugs are used only as an additional measure of the protection of the face and hands.

How to protect yourself with repellents from a gnus and ticks

Using any repellent drug, strictly observe the precautions indicated on the label. When applying the drug to the skin, make sure that it does not get into the eyes and mouth, on scratches and abrasions. If irritation from the drug appears on the skin, then it is not recommended to use it.

Dishes, into which emulsions or solutions of repellents were poured, is unsuitable for cooking and storing products.

Replaced drugs produced by industry cannot be used for pregnant women, nursing women and children.

It should also be borne in mind that repellents are able to dissolve plastics, acetate and other synthetic tissues. Therefore, try so that the drugs do not fall on the fountain pen, glasses of glasses, synthetic clothes and linen.

It is recommended to store repellents in places inaccessible to children, and no more than two years in clogged containers at air temperatures in summer not exceeding 20 °, in winter-O.