How to properly care for oily skin in the summer

Problem skin with oily sheen in the summer gives all women a large number of problems – it begins to shine, shine, covers with comedones and pimples. Sailing sunlight and severe heat, both on the street and in the room, further exacerbate the situation characteristic of oily skin.

Proper care

There are three known methods for caring for all skin types – this is cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition, which will be relevant at any time of the year. But only you must comply with some rules and choose suitable cosmetics.

Cleansing of the skin

A face with oily sheen must be cleaned several times a day especially in the summer – in the morning and in the evenings. By “cleansing” the skin means washing with the help of special cosmetics (usually this gel), which are suitable only for oily skin.

Always wash your face with cool water so as not to stimulate the production of subcutaneous fat.

For a couple of times, use any scrubs every time you wash. You can also make steam baths for the face, for which your skin will also say thank you to you.

Tonics and other cosmetics with which you can cope with black dots will help your oily skin in the middle of a hot summer to look much better than usual. They tighten the pores a little, and your face will look more fresh and clean.

Only you must make sure that the composition of cosmetics does not include alcohol. Some believe that oily skin needs to be dried, but this opinion has long been outdated.

For problem and oily skin in the summer, you should choose facial products with an extract of green tea, chamomile, calendula.

Nutrition and moisturizing the skin

The lines of the face that differs oily skin especially in severe heat – this is a sign that the skin was poorly moistened. Remember that in the summer, our body additionally loses moisture due to great sweating. For this reason, the face should be moistened with suitable creams. As a rule, such creams have a lighter texture and do not create a feeling of mask on the skin.

Remember the protection of your face from scorching sunlight. Tanning is not very useful for the skin. Going outside on a sunny summer day, apply a day cream with SPF protection on your face.

What should be the coefficient of protection against sunlight, it all depends only on your color type. For example, for a blonde with bright eyes and light skin, it should be much higher. A small amount of SPF in a cream is suitable for girls with dark skin.

In the summer, minimize the use of decorative cosmetics, or at least powder or foundation.

What else can be used for oily skin?

Throughout the day, you need to use special cosmetic napkins to remove all excess fat and wet skin.

Face sprays or thermal water moisturize oily skin in the summer and refresh you. If you cannot use such sprays, wash yourself as often as possible on a hot day.

Remember the diet and water mode

Any nutrition errors in the middle of summer – snacks for beer, fatty meat and barbecue, consumption of ice cream, carbonated drinks and confectionery – affect your skin. If you fail to switch to proper nutrition, you can observe how such dishes can be the reason for the appearance of pimples on your face, then you must refuse them.

Fresh fruits, cereals, salads from fresh vegetables, yogurts and kefirs will look more attractive than oily skin. All these products also stimulate the cleansing of the body and the normal functioning of the intestines.

Folk remedies

In this case, you can use the most ordinary masks that, without large financial costs, will help you look more fresh and cleaned. Such masks should be applied to the face for about 15 minutes, and then washed off with water.

You can cook such masks:

Oatmeal mask. Spoon of oatmeal must be chopped in a blender, add warm water, mix and apply to the face

Kefir mask

Cosmetic clay mask

Masks made of crushed vegetables and fruits that saturate the skin with vitamins and tone it

Oily skin is not as scary as it seems. Since it is not so sensitive to the influence of the external environment, longer remains elastic and elastic, in addition, the first wrinkles appear on it much later.

You can experiment with different cosmetics, look for what is most suitable for your skin, and oily skin in the summer will not be a big problem for you.