How to prevent sudden fatigue syndrome

Sudden fatigue syndrome. It often happens that a person is cheerful, vigorous, energetic, engaged in his favorite work and suddenly feels that he is very tired. Many are familiar with this condition. What does it tell us about? Why does it come when you don’t expect him?

How to prevent sudden fatigue syndrome

This syndrome is usually characteristic of middle and older people. This can be explained by fatigue accumulated over the years. Nemovable people quickly get tired of mental and physical stress. Suddenly the critical state does not give a person the opportunity to continue even the movement when walking. But these attacks of human powerlessness can be explained:


The reason may be recent stress. Strongly nervous for some time, a person gradually comes into a normal state. But in the risk zone it still does not care, because the nerves are bore. They can fail at any moment, a fit of sudden fatigue will be provoked. And this is normal. The body requires rehabilitation after loads on the nervous system.

The stock of own forces

Many are not able to calculate the supply of forces, so they overstate the bar of their capabilities. Older people, as a rule, believe that they still have enough strength to do any work. But this is not true. You can’t jump above your head. And previously emotional and active people are mistaken on this score. Performing work on a high mental climb, they cannot give an adequate assessment of their loads.

Sleep and wakefulness mode

If the body constantly lacks sleep and rest, then it is not recharged and energy. The reboot fails. Nervous tension does not go away and makes itself felt. And it is in the peak of activity that this can happen.

Health status

If an elderly person reaches for his young relatives, has a desire to divide with them all common affairs and even leisure, then this also leads to a rapid overstrain, emotional fatigue. It seems that everything goes fine, but suddenly the switch button is triggered. Fatigue occurs.

How to prevent sudden fatigue syndrome

A breakdown of strength also arises from a sharp drop in blood sugar levels. I want to sit, relax and even cry. Despair comes.

Provoke a breakdown of strength insufficient iron content in the body. The level of red blood cells is reduced, internal organs are lacking in oxygen and vital substances.

Carefully should take tranquilizers. These drugs are also capable of provoking sudden fatigue syndrome. It is not recommended to take them without permission from the doctor. Dangerous! Unpleasant syndrome may even appear with a sharp abandonment of caffeine -containing drinks and alcohol.

Frequent attacks also appear after certain diseases: flu, oncology, heart failure, kidney and liver disease.

Is there a way out

If a sudden fatigue syndrome is caused by a non -serious disease, then it can be stopped independently:

Feeling a breakdown, you need to stop working and lie down, or sit down, choosing a convenient pose.

Drink half a glass of water with the addition of tincture of corvalol or motherwort (15 drops).

Remove negative thoughts, stop a look at a pleasant object (flower, clouds, wood).

Remove bad mood and negative thoughts. Convince yourself that the problems have gone, everything tuned in again.

An hour later, a slow step to take a walk, not letting the negative emotions and thoughts towards yourself.

But it is better, of course, to prevent a breakdown and maintain your body properly. Take enough time for sleeping, eat healthy food, perform physical exercises and be sure to devote a lot of time to walking in the fresh air.

How to prevent sudden fatigue syndrome

These are the most effective rules.