How to prevent pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important and responsible step in the life of every woman, and every man. That is why the pregnancy that came suddenly will most often be interrupted. But in order to prevent this, it is worth knowing that in the world there is just a huge number of different means to prevent pregnancy. each such tool and method should be discussed in more detail.

How to prevent pregnancy

Barrier methods of contraception

This type includes condoms, diaphragms and caps. Its essence boils down to the fact that a barrier is installed on the path of sperm, through which they cannot go and get into the uterine cavity. Condes are disposable funds of barrier contraception. It is worth buying them only in a pharmacy, and before buying, be sure to look at the expiration date. It is 5 years old.

Caps and diaphragms should be chosen only on the advice of a doctor. These funds are introduced into the vagina, and the uterine neck is overlapped . With sexual contact, they are not felt. You can use this method only if a woman has only 1 partner. In the presence of several partners, it is worth using a condom, since the risk of infection is very high, which are transmitted sexually.

Unfortunately, the level of protection of barrier contraceptives is not very high, and it is best to use them along with spermicidati.

Chemical method of contraception (spermicides)

Spermicides are specially designed drugs that, when interacting with spermatozoa, kill them and prevent them from getting into the uterine cavity. With spermicides you can use all women, they are very effective and there are practically no allergies to them. These contraceptive drugs are produced in various forms – these are jelly, and foams, and tablets, and gels. So each pair can choose exactly the spermicide that suits them.

How to prevent pregnancy

Spermicides are introduced into the vagina 15 minutes before sexual intercourse. During this time, the base will dissolve, and active substances will begin to act. After sexual intercourse, you can take shower only after 8 – 9 hours, and this is a big minus when using these drugs. It is also worth noting that before the next sexual intercourse, it is worth entering another dose of gel or jelly.

Persmicides, among other things, protect against diseases that are transmitted sexually. These drugs can be used throughout life, since they are not absorbed into the blood, but act only locally, that is, in the vagina. However, these funds will not be able to 100% protect you from pregnancy. And then what can? The answer is simple – sterilization.

Female and male sterilization

Female sterilization is the intersection of fallopian tubes. Male sterilization is the intersection of the ducts that removes the seed. After the operation, both a man and a woman will never be able to have children again, which is why before deciding to decide on her should think carefully. Of course, a woman’s uterine pregnancy in a woman with cut pipes will not occur, because the egg, and fertilization occurs in the fallopian tube, will not be able to get there anymore. However, there is a great risk of ectopic pregnancy, for example, in the abdominal cavity. But such an opportunity exists only with an unsuccessful or under an incorrect operation.

Intrauterine device

Today it is the most famous and most popular way of female contraception, and with a very high percentage of protection. Even if the egg is fertilized, then getting into the uterus, it will not be able to attach to any of its walls, as it will interfere with the spiral.

And a fertilized egg will come out with menstrual blood. This can be considered for a miscarriage at an early gestation, when a woman does not even suspect this .

Hormonal contraception

Drugs that contain hormones can be both in the form of tablets and in the form of implants or injections. All their action is based on the suppression of ovulation, that is, hormones that are contained in each hormonal agent do not allow to develop and go out to the egg. This is a very effective method of contraception, the risk of pregnancy is negligible here.

And, finally, a few words should be said about the natural method of contraception, which consists in calculating “dangerous” and “safe” days. In fact, a woman who is so protected from pregnancy risks greatly. After all, the perfect menstrual cycle simply does not exist, and from constant thoughts about whether the day is dangerous today or not, you can go crazy. And in the modern world it is much easier to find a more convenient tool to prevent pregnancy, the benefit of a woman now has something to choose from.