How to prepare an apartment for windows

If you decide to install new windows in your apartment, it is important to prepare in advance for this process. Otherwise, when the installers arrive, no one will stand on ceremony with your interior items. Curtains and any items standing on the windowsill can be pretty suffered. In addition, all upholstered furniture will be covered with a layer of dust. After installing the windows, you will need to clean, not only rooms where work was carried out, but throughout the apartment.

Employees of any installation company will first of all do their job, and not think about the safety of your property. Remove the curtains from the window in advance and transfer the flowers standing on the windowsill from another place.

The new window will be lifted on the stairs or on the elevator, so ensure the freedom of this space in advance. The old frame will be taken out and left in the entrance, prepare a place for this. Many companies engaged in the installation of windows provide a service for the removal of construction waste, of course, this will increase the cost of work, but it will save you time and nerves.

Most likely, the furniture in your apartment is installed motionless. If there is no way to rearrange the furniture in another room, close it with any improvised material. A dense film is ideal, which can be purchased in special economic stores. Sometimes such a service is offered in windows installation companies.

Another not unimportant detail is the presence of an affordable outlet. For any power tool, a power source is required. If there is no free outlet near the window, think about the extension cord in advance.

You can make it even with a minimum set of tools. It will be more correct to warn neighbors with small children, that for some time you will be noisy. These elementary rules of politeness should be observed if you live and are going to change windows in the hostel.

If you have a pet, think about where to place it for the duration of work so that they do not interfere under the feet of the installers.

Be patient. According to the rules, the installation of windows takes 2 days. At first, installation work is carried out, and after the design is strengthened, finishing work on the installation of slopes. Tune in advance in increased activity in your home. Be polite with installers, their work done takes time. Prepare for the installation of windows in advance, and then nothing can spoil your mood.