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How to polish the parquet yourself

Currently, if you have warm floors in the room, and the parquet in the living room is already in poor condition, then in our article we will tell you how to polish the parquet yourself and give it a gorgeous view. Parquet grinding is quite difficult. Best if it is executed by a specialist. But if this is not possible, then you can polish the parquet and yourself. It is only necessary to comply with a certain procedure for operations. Before starting work, it is necessary to remove all the furniture from the room and remove the skirting boards. Next, the old layer of varnish is removed. At the same time, it is better to use a special grinding machine.

It is also required to clean the parquet board of all irregularities, scratches and dents. All spots, regardless of their origin, must also be removed. After such rough grinding, they move to more “thin” work. At the same time, grinding machines are also used, but a specialized purpose. When this work is completed, they process the most uncomfortable places, which include the angles of the rooms, the edges of the floor are near the walls.

The grinding ends on this. Start cleaning construction waste. It must be completely removed. All possible chips, all dust should be cleaned as much as possible. Only when it is done, the parquet begins to varnish. If any speck remains on the floor surface, they will certainly fall under a layer of varnish. When the first layer will be applied and freezed, you can gently grind the parquet again and varnish it again.