How to open a foreign exchange account in a Sberbank to an individual

In the conditions of an unstable economic situation in the country associated with the growth of the dollar and the euro, the opening of the currency account will be a guarantor of maintaining accumulated savings and the financial stability of the depositor. It is advisable to use the proposals of Sberbank to accommodate your money to place your money.

How to open a foreign exchange account in a Sberbank to an individual

This is one of the most tested time and reliable commercial organizations supported by the state. She provides her customers with the opportunity to open deposits both in euro and dollars, and in francs, yenah and pounds. However, the American dollar is most popular among the population. At the moment, Sberbank offers several types of currency accounts for individuals:

Calculated with a low rate, but suggesting the possibility of entering and withdrawing cash during the specified period of the contract. Current deposits – “universal” and “worship”. They have an equal rate – 0.01% per annum. For them, a prerequisite is also for them – the presence of an inconsistent balance equal to five dollars or euros, depending on the currency chosen by the client. The calculation of interest is made every quarter. The only difference between them is the time of action. “Universal” has been valid for 5 years, while the deposit of “pretermination” is not limited.

Deposits that suggest much more income. However, on such conditions it is impossible to withdraw money and replenish the account. As a rule, they open with the aim of the preservation and increase of their funds. Dates can be chosen as you wish.

To open the currency contribution, you should contact the nearest department of the organization. There should be a passport from the documents with you. Usually the procedure lasts no more than an hour. During this time, the manager will remove the necessary copies from the documents, provide the client with an agreement for familiarization.

How to open a foreign exchange account in a Sberbank to an individual

In the process, an employee will be able to answer all incomprehensible questions, tells all the disadvantages and advantages of the chosen contribution. Further, employees will propose to fill out a template statement, after which it remains only to replenish the account through the cashier to the amount agreed upon in the contract. The account binding is carried out either to the savings book or to the plastic card. The term of manufacture of such a card is usually 2-3 weeks. It has been effective for three years, after which the card is re -released and sent to the organization’s department where the account was opened.

The most popular options are MasterCard Standard and Visa Classic. They are good in that with the help of them it is easy to pay without problems for purchases abroad or purchase goods on foreign sites. These plastic cards are served all over the world, therefore, regardless of the place of position, you can manage your savings. However, the use of them is not free. The first year of service will cost 750 rubles, subsequent – 450.

How to open a foreign exchange account in a Sberbank to an individual

Opening a currency account gives the depositor a lot of advantages:

The contribution of the individual is reliably protected. Therefore, he should not worry about the safety of his money;

The client receives a good annual income received from interest;

The depositor has the opportunity to accept foreign transfers and make payments, cash out available funds;

Pay treatment, training and other services using transfers carried out from the account.

Of the minuses, only one can be distinguished – deposits in foreign currency are lower than in ruble. Therefore, significant income can only be obtained when the currency in which the contribution was opened will grow in relation to the Russian ruble.