How to narrow jeans

More and more now narrowed jeans come into fashion. For a long time, this part of the wardrobe has entered the life of modern people. This is both a convenient and practical thing. But narrowed jeans are very popular among girls, t.To. do not allow you to make a more expressive figure, emphasize its advantages and hide the disadvantages, and they also allow you to visually lengthen the legs. It’s no secret that this thing can be bought in any store, but why spend money when you can make a new beautiful thing out of old jeans. Moreover, it will be made precisely for you, the desired size and style.

How to narrow jeans

What to make the narrowed jeans yourself will need the following:

Old jeans



a piece of chalk or you can take soap


Threads and needles

if possible for sewing

suede or lace

So, let’s get down. First you need to turn the jeans on the wrong side and put them on. After that, you must definitely measure the places in which you will make jeans to learn. If you can’t do it yourself, you can ask for help. These places need to be chopped with pins, trying in this way to outline future seams. Basically, the places where jeans need bewitch are waist, hips and straight trousers.

How to narrow jeans

After you measured everything, jeans need to be removed and gently laid out on a flat surface. Gently and exactly along the ruler, draw with chalk along the lines planned by pins. Then you definitely need to notice along the line. After you did it, put on the jeans again and look if you did everything right or something still needs to be corrected.

If everything is as it should, then you can proceed to direct sewing. They mainly advise using a double seam, well, not everyone has modern sewing machines that can do this. Therefore, you can flash a regular seam.

How to narrow jeans

After you sew everything, you need to cut all the excess. It is also tedious to do it evenly and carefully. First draw on the line line, and then feel free to cut. After that, the cut edge must be processed. The edge is bent, it is better to make a double hem and is also stitched by the usual seam.

Then pick up the threads in the finishing seams that were already on jeans, and on the front side go through two flat finishing seams.

If you cannot choose threads of a suitable color, then it is generally better to do without these hotel front seams.

How to narrow jeans

Zylated jeans can be made by a completely new, exclusive wardrobe item. To do this, everything needs to be done the same as described earlier, but at the stage, when you drew even stitches for circumcision with chalk, stop. In the future, you should not accept them, but you need to immediately trim, leaving, of course, allowances for the seams. After that, you need to cut through piles of lace, leather, deputy or any other fabric that you like and approaches the chosen model of trousers. The pattern should be a triangle, the base of which is 5-10 cm, and an equal distance from the bottom of the leg to the place where you started narrowing.

How to narrow jeans

Adding such inserts tedious be sure to remember that everyone needs to need different processing. If the lace and suede does not need it, then velvet or other fabrics must be processed, for this, also make allowances for the seams.

Pull the resulting pattern to jeans and measure them. If everything turned out, jeans sit well and beautifully, then sew everything on a typewriter, and do not forget to process the seams as it was said earlier. You can also sew a strip of the same fabric along the belt line. It will turn out a very beautiful and original finish.

If you are creatively approaching such things as a change of your wardrobe, it will be very easy to change and decorate, perhaps boring old things.