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How to learn carving

Carving – the art of decorations of vegetables and fruits, through nanasenia of carving. Dishes decorated with artistic carvings will become a real decoration of the festive table. There are several varieties of carving, Japanese (mukimono) and others. Every housewife and anyone can learn carving, to know the technique of carving by vegetables and fruits. The simplest for beginners will be the development of “paintings” in the form of chrysanthemums from Beijing cabbage, onion, lilies from cucumber, carrots, calves of red acute pepper, etc.D.

How to learn carving

The choice of ways to teach carving is wide: you can sign up for special courses, learn him yourself, buy training books or go to master classes of famous cooks.

Carving courses are suitable for both novice cooks and those who want to seriously engage in this type of art. To take training courses is the fastest way to master the technique of carving fruits and vegetables, but on the other hand, and the most expensive. You can sign up for both group and individual courses. The advantages of attending such courses are that they will provide you with both theory and practice: carving professionals will tell, explain and show how to handle knives for carving, indicate mistakes and help them fix them.

How to learn carving

Independent study of carving techniques is possible according to the master classes online, that is, on the Internet. You can find videos with training lessons on performing thread elements, or instructions with step -by -step photos. In them, each stage is described in detail, which is accompanied by photography, but, such an instruction is more suitable for those who have little experience of artistic threads, it is better for beginners to watch video lessons.

The main advantage of studying the carving independently is that this method is absolutely free and quite effective. You just need to buy a pair of knives for work. For beginners, simple, with a groove knives, oval or triangular cross section are suitable. With their help you can prepare a limited number of jewelry with fruits or vegetables. For more complex paintings, special tools are needed.

Excellent assistants in the development of the art of carving will be books. They contain information about all the nuances of the thread process: which knives are suitable for what work, where is it better to start beginners, which products to choose, etc.D. Carving book can be bought in online stores, or download its scanned options to the computer.

How to learn carving

We give an example of the manufacture of simple and fast decoration of table-green leaflets from cucumber (you can use the tsukkini). This carving newcomer can easily master this carving on vegetables:

First, cut off the cucumber not too thick a slice, S-shaped. Then, in the middle of the leaf, make two shallow, longitudinal cuts from beginning to end with a knife. The next step is the same, but already short transverse cuts from beginning to end the leaflet. And the last, final step – take decorative cuts along the edges of the leaflet. Make several such leaves, but different in size. After the end of the process, soak all the leaves in cold water for 5-10 minutes. Store such jewelry should be in the refrigerator wrapped in a damp cloth and cleaned in a plastic bag. With such leaflets you can delight your loved ones daily, decorating the table, or as a side dish for the main dishes.

Modern requirements in cooking are presented not only for the qualitative preparation of dishes, but also to their exquisite design and presentation. Having mastered the carving technique, you will give the usual, daily dishes a unique look, and you will lead your guests into indescribable delight and admiration!