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How to get membership in SRO

The organization involved in the design, construction, engineering work should enter the SRO where to get a tolerance, which consists of a correctly legally filled package of documents. Some of us believe that entering the SRO to get quite easy. In practice, this is far from the case.

Getting membership in SRO means to pass a multi -level process that can be due to some reasons to be a long. In addition, you need to clearly determine all the nuances of the entry: sanctions, penalties, membership fees, checks, and so on. This is all necessary to successfully receive admission.

Instructions for entry into the SRO

Determine the type of activity using their classification. It is important to consider that a specialist working in the organization should have a higher education, if it is not, then it is necessary to conduct the necessary training of his employees and certification of all personnel.

Have a package of documents to receive admission in SRO.

All documentation must be signed and the accounts issued to the candidate must be paid.

Obtaining a certificate of membership in a self -regulated organization.

The deadlines for receiving admission

From the date of granting all the necessary documentation on receipt of membership within one week, the case is being formed and contracts are carried out with the insurer, and then after paying for all payments, preparation of the case, the contract, the long -awaited certificate may be issued. If it is necessary for builders, then, as a rule, it is issued after 2 or 3 weeks.

Documents to replace the certificate in the SRO

Information sheet from the applicant.

Application for re -registration of the certificate.

Extract from the USRIP, which should be issued no earlier than a month before contacting.

Receipts proving the payment of the contribution.

Civil liability insurance policy.

The original of the current certificate that needs to be replaced.

After the provision of all the necessary documentation for three days, the certificate is replaced.