How to get into the program “Let them talk”

Which of us did not dream of getting to Ostankino – a Russian television center where you can fulfill our cherished dream – to see cinema stars and pop stars. It is quite realistic to become a participant in the program or just a spectator, both residents of big cities and people from the “outback”. According to viewers, one of the most popular television programs – “Let them talk” on Channel One. And the host Andrei Malakhov for his charm and sensitivity, loves the entire female population of our country. In this article we will talk about how to get into the program “Let them talk”.

How to get into the program « let them say&Raquo;

The program “Let them talk” for many years is one of the rating on Channel One. It used to be called “Big Washing”, but then changed its name. Only its host -Malakhov remains unchanged. The program most often affects acute social topics: abandoned children, violation of human rights, the search for missing people, assistance in collecting funds for patients, etc.D. Over the years, the program helped thousands of people find their loved ones, solve controversial trials, restore justice, recover from serious illnesses. All this makes the program “let them speak” truly folk, and those who want to share their misfortune and ask for help becoming more and more. So, how to get into the program “Let them say”?

At the end of each program on the TV screen you will see the topics of the following programs and phone numbers, one of them: (495) 617-76-28. If you have a suitable story, then you can call the editor and report that you have a story for a future program. If your story is suitable for release, then you will be invited as the main character.

Be persistent, sometimes to get through to get through more than one hour. The best time for calls to the editorial office of the program “Let them speak” before the start of filming (after 12 days), or after the completion of the filming (preferably up to 22. 00).

How to get into the program « let them say&Raquo;

If topics for broadcasts do not coincide with your story, then still contact the editors and tell the essence of your problem. It is very difficult to make an interesting and rating daily program, so the editors are in a constant search for new heroes and breathtaking stories.

You can send a letter to the program “Let them say” at: 127000, g. Moscow, st. Academician Koroleva, D.12

To interest the chief editor, it is desirable that your story becomes spectacular, even “scandalous”, several active characters must appear in it, ready to come to the studio. If the history stated interests the editors, then they will soon contact you. Then, a program correspondent should visit you to check the credibility of your history.

You can get to the program as a spectator through social networks (there is an official group in contact). There you will see a contact phone on which you need to send SMS. In response, you will receive SMS with confirmation of the recording, as well as about the time you should approach the passage. You can sign up for participation in the program 3 days before shooting.

How to get into the program « let them say&Raquo;

You can also just go to the passing television center. First, those who signed up, and then, if necessary, are gaining from those who wish. At the entrance, a ticket is issued, by which you will receive money after shooting, no more than 200 rubles. In the studio you will sit for many hours, they will strictly punish you when you can and need to clap, when it is necessary to condemningly “turn” and “sink” and t.D. But you will see the whole process with your own eyes and you can, if necessary, chat with the editors who are worn through the studio during the filming. This will be the most short way to become a spectator, but a participant in the program “Let them talk”.