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How to fry potatoes with mushrooms

Potatoes, it has such a meaning for us as for the Chinese rice or corn for residents of South America. Based on this, each housewife should know how potatoes are preparing. This article will talk about how to cook a very tasty and slightly complex dish – potatoes with mushrooms. The one that start studying all the details, how to fry potatoes with the addition of mushrooms, and how to pre -treat mushrooms.

How to prepare mushrooms

Each housewife knows how to clean and cut potatoes, and far from every housewife knows how preliminary preparation and processing of mushrooms undergoes mushrooms. So that before putting the pan on the stove, you need to read what and how to cook mushrooms.

Eying, champignons. They do not conceal any secrets and are easy to prepare. You just need to rinse them well with water, then cut them with beautiful pieces and add to fried potatoes.

Masters, rawers, chanterelles, and other plate, forest mushrooms. They need to be washed, cut and about two hours, you need to soak them in salted and cold water. This procedure must be done with all mushrooms if there are suspicions that they are worm.

Rawsecks can sometimes have a bitter taste, especially when the mushroom hat has a dark-burgundy shade. In order to get rid of this taste, you need to boil for three minutes in salt water. Should not be boiled for a long time, since mushrooms can be boiled, because plate mushrooms have a delicate structure.

Oil. In these mushrooms, when cleaning, you need to remove the film from the hat.

Polish, White, Boroviki. These mushrooms have a barrel -shaped leg and convex worms, the legs are necessary, like a carrot, scrap a knife. For greater confidence and for safety purposes, before putting mushrooms in the pan, you need to put them out separately or boil ten minutes.

Supplies, mushrooms or other mushrooms growing “families”. They are included in the category of “conditionally edible” mushrooms. They need to not only be soaked, but also boiled, and then be sure to drain the water, as well as pre -extinguish separately in the pan.

With frozen mushrooms, they come as follows: first they need to be defrosted, and then you need to do everything that with fresh mushrooms.

Dried mushrooms, it is also necessary to boil for three to five minutes, or pour them with boiling water and put for about an hour, then cook according to the recipe.

You can use salty or canned mushrooms: they are added to potatoes five or eight minutes before the end of frying. In the event that the mushrooms taste very salty, then you can boil them in water for three minutes.

All subtleties

To prepare fried potatoes with mushrooms, you need to have two pans. One of them should be larger, the potato will just be fried in it, and the second frying pan smaller.

The optimal ratio of potatoes and mushrooms can be achieved if the number of mushrooms exceed the number of chopped potatoes. The fact is that in the process of frying, mushrooms are significantly reduced in volume, about twice, this is due to the fact that water evaporates from mushrooms. So, so that in the finished dish the ratio of potatoes and mushroom is 1: 1, you need to take, for example, a half -kilogram of potatoes and one kilogram of mushrooms.

You need to start the cooking process with potatoes. First you need to heat the oil in a pan, then cut the potatoes into strips or circles, at the discretion, put it in a pan and wait for it to be brilliant and yellowish in appearance, and crusts will begin to be visible in places.

From this moment, in another frying pan, begin to fry the mushrooms. If you decide to fry potatoes with onions, then the onion should be cut into half rings and fry, until golden color appears. After that, you can add mushrooms that will immediately release a lot of fluids, after which the onion will stop fried.

Then you can do in two ways:

You can wait until the liquid secreted by the mushrooms will completely evaporate, and the mushrooms will become a golden species, after which they can be connected with potatoes, two to three minutes before the end of the preparation. Or remove the mushrooms from the liquid and add them to the potatoes and fry them together, you can do this 6-7 minutes until cooked.

From the liquid residue that remains after frying the mushrooms, you can prepare more various sauces or gravy.

The most common option is the addition of one spoon of tomato paste or a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste, spices, grated hard cheese, greens, mix all this well and boil for two minutes.

It is necessary to serve fried potatoes with mushrooms in hot condition, while you can pour the above sauce and sprinkle with greens on top.