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How to fix drywall, plasterboard installation

If necessary, clad uneven walls, you can use such a popular material as drywall. First you need to mount the frame, and then move directly to the cladding with drywall.

The frame is better to collect from a galvanized profile. The frame consists of racks, as well as guides, and it is attached to the brackets. The ceiling profile will be a vertical stand, it should be mounted together with the guide profile. Make the brackets from straight suspensions and attach self -tapping screws to the rack. The lacker needs to dock profiles.

Three grooves at the ceiling of the rack profile are located along the entire length and in the middle of them the panels should be fixed, while the side grooves are centered by the screws entered into the profile. By the way, there are special holes for installation on the backs of profiles. They should be located at the end of your profile.

After the installation of the frame is completed, you can go directly to the installation of the panels, for this it is necessary to mark the floor and ceiling, mark the place of guides, racks and fixation site for anchors. Do not forget that the distance between the wall and the frame should be as few as possible.

Now it is worth preparing a guide profile. Here you need a sealing tape that increases the positive characteristics of the frame.

The profile is attached to the floor and ceiling using dowels, after which a drywall sheet is applied and fixed with self -tapping screws, the remaining sheets are attached by analogy with the first.