How to fill the steps correctly

Work on pouring steps begins with the creation of formwork. For this, ordinary wooden boards are used.  The most optimal option would be to use a board two centimeters thick. From the boards we knock down a shield, the height of which will be the height of each step.

The upper step is made the largest in size, the rest are reduced. The resulting shields are installed in the form of a cascade. The top should be the most even and smooth.

After the formwork is made and installed, we proceed to the creation of the solution. You are going to start a large construction, do not try to do it yourself, contact professionals. We advise you to go to where you can find a full list of services of this company. The creation of the solution can be made in two ways. If you want to save, or the budget is too small, then you can use the construction garbage – stones, pieces of brick and the like.  However, the most optimal and popular is.

When using the first option, construction waste is poured into the resulting space to a height of about 30-40 centimeters. After that, the required amount of solution is prepared. It is desirable that the solution is not very thick – this is done so that the concrete penetrates into all the cracks between construction garbage. Then everything is repeated: fall asleep each subsequent step with waste and pour concrete. It is important to remember that construction garbage should not exceed the amount of formwork.