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How to eat on a hike

Food on the campaign is the key to the successful passage of the route and a great mood of the entire company. For the normal functioning of the body, it is necessary that the diet contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The absence of any components, or their incorrect distribution during the day, deprive the human body of the necessary energy. In addition, choosing products for the campaign necessarily take into account the content of calories in them.

A set of products for the campaign is selected based on its duration. When going on a trip to the weekend, take with you fish and meat canned food. Raw potatoes are suitable for cooking on coals. Do not forget about sweets for tea, for example, sweets, cookies or condensed milk.

If the tourist campaign is designed for several days, the supply manager is usually responsible for the organization of food. It makes a layout for each day, describing in detail how much, what and when will the group eat. Then all the necessary products are evenly laid out on the backpacks. There are special computer programs for calculating the power system in the campaign.

Four meals per day are considered optimal. This is breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. In addition, each tourist is given pocket nutrition, which usually includes dried fruits and nuts. Murils, porridge, milk milk, tea, coffee or jelly are usually planned for breakfast.

Lunch includes soup, mashed potatoes, sausage, bread and tea. For dinner, fish with a side dish is counted, or porridge with stew. Each meal contains sugar, cookies or sweets for tea.

When compiling a campaign menu, you should take into account how much time on one day or another will be in the parking lot. If the stop is short, it is better to plan a quick cooking on this day. If in some place the stop is planned for the whole day, you can calculate the preparation of full-fledged dinners and dinners. In the days when the group makes complex transitions, you can plan a couple of chocolate so that it is possible to eat on the road. In some cases, tourists begin on the campaign, taste preferences are changing, often keetchup, mayonnaise and garlic are especially popular.

Special attention should be paid to packaging products. It is better to put cookies in a box. Pasta and cereals can be packaged in plastic bottles. Sausage is better preserved in fabric bags. Chocolate is taken on a dark and hard campaign, so it will melt less in the sun.