How to dress for an interview

For each person seeking a job, an interview is a very important event. After all, it is on the result of the interview that you will receive a long -awaited position or will you have to continue the search. And it is important not to fail this stage. The result of the interview depends on the overall impression that you will make on the employer. And this depends not only on the level of your knowledge and professional competence, but also on your appearance.  The first impression will be of you as soon as you go to the office, and then it will be very difficult to change it! Therefore, we must try to ensure that this impression is good.

So how to dress correctly for an interview? There are a number of unwritten rules, compliance with which is very important.

Your clothing should be clean and well angled. The best option for both men and women is a strict business suit of dim tones. It is desirable that the fabric is not imagining and not too bright – there is always a risk of accidentally getting dirty on the way to an interview. It is better for men to put on a light shirt with a discreet pattern and tie under a suit. Women can put on both trousers and a skirt, but in any case, your costume should not be causing. Skirt up to the knee or below. You should not wear completely new clothes – it may be inconvenient for you, and you will feel uncomfortable.

Your shoes should also be perfectly clean. Dirty shoes make an unpleasant impression that you make, of course, do not want. Therefore, take with you a small sponge so that before starting the interview, quickly erase urban dust and dirt from shoes. Shoes should be closed, better than black or dark brown. In no case do not put on a sino or sneakers for an interview! Women at any time of the year should wear stockings or tights of flesh -colored, men – quite high socks (if you are used to sitting your leg on your foot, naked skin should not be visible between shoes and trousers).

Before the interview, put your hair in order. The hair must be washed, the hairstyle should be neat, long hair should be laid. Men need to carefully shave – bristles on your face will make an extremely unpleasant impression. The manicure should be perfect, no bitten or dirty nails. The length of the nails should be reasonable, the color of the varnish (if you use it) – neutral. Very long bright nails give the impression of you the impression as a frivolous person. The aroma of spirits or cologne is allowed, but it should be very thin and light, aggressive smells are inappropriate here. It is best if it smells of cleanliness.

As jewelry, you can use a small brooch on a jacket lapel, a modest thread of a pearl or a set of earrings – a ring. For men – a tie pin, cufflinks. Bright accessories (bag, scarf) will also be inappropriate. It is better if you have a small dark handbag or leather folder with all the necessary documents.

Another important rule – you must be dressed in accordance with the salary that you are claiming. So leave too expensive things and accessories at home. In addition, you should not look dressed more expensive than your potential employer. If the interview will be conducted by a female employer, then it is very important for women not to be more spectacular and attractive than the future leader. Therefore, modesty is very important when choosing clothes.

Unambiguous prohibitions-mini-skirts, trousers with a low waist, pantyhose in a net, clothes made of translucent fabrics, deep cuts, too bright clothes, raspberry hair, aggressive hairstyles and makeup, punctured navels and bare stomachs. This is a unambiguous failure, but do you really need it? Do not forget to turn off your mobile phone so that nothing distracts you and irritates your employer before the interview. In addition, it is advisable to eat a little at home before the interview – a rumbling stomach is unlikely to make a pleasant impression.

If you want to know more accurately how to get dressed – look in advance in advance the company where you will take the interview, see how the employees are dressed. You will know better how potential employers imagine the future employee, and this will help you in choosing clothes.

All these rules are completely simple, but very often people forget about them, and neither knowledge nor experience help them get the desired place of work only because their appearance did not correspond to the expectations of the employer. Be careful and do not repeat other people’s mistakes!