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How to dress for a wedding

Wedding is a special solemn event, which is carefully prepared in advance not only the newlyweds, but all the invited guests. The question “what to wear on the wedding ceremony” is one of the most difficult for both men and women. In this article, we will consider how to dress for a wedding in order to feel confident, stylish, and most importantly, worthy of such an event.

How to dress for a wedding

The main guests at the wedding are certainly the parents of the newlyweds. They are not only welcome guests, but also the organizers of the wedding, even if there is a professional toastmaster on it. Parents meet young spouses with bread and salt, pronounce toasts, dance, that is, throughout the celebration, all those present remain in the focus. That is why the festive clothing of parents should not only be beautiful, but comfortable, comfortable, not to constrain movements. For men, the choice of clothes is easier- it can be a classic strict suit, a tailcoat, frock coat. Moms of brides and grooms to face a more difficult choice, because women are prone to shocking and on such a day they will want to look spectacular and unusual. We recommend for mothers to observe some rules that will avoid unnecessary mistakes when choosing a wedding clothes:

Your suit must consist of a skirt, or dresses.

The length of the dress (skirt) should be approximately to the knee, that is, medium length.

Avoid deep neckline, cuts on the back, etc.D.

Jewelry must be in harmony with your suit. You can put on family jewelry for a wedding, it will be appropriate and will give a reason to find out the story of your family to new relatives.

Your desired image needs to be agreed with other guests: your husband, bride’s girlfriends, etc.

How to dress for a wedding

For other guests, it is important to observe the following rules: women should avoid white and black colors in their outfits, and men do not overshadow the high cost of their costume the traditional outfit of the groom. It is also worth keeping in mind in what style the wedding will be held. Recently, it has been fashionable to conduct thematic ceremonies: on the beach, in the forest, etc.D. In such cases, the theme of the holiday should be dressed respectively.

Women’s guest when choosing a wedding outfits should choose bright, but elegant dresses or costumes. Vulgar jewelry, makeup and outfits should not be present on you, even if the celebration of the wedding continues late in the evening and night. Ideal options for the choice of pastel tones, light, natural makeup (with an accent on the lips or eyes), it is advisable to choose shoes in the tone of the main outfit. Additional accessories will be a small handbag and discreet, elegant jewelry.

In summer for women, a large selection of dresses is from light, air, to exquisite evening. In this case, you can take two dresses with you- one for the ceremony in the registry office, and the second to the restaurant. In the fall or early spring, you should think about an umbrella and waterproof shoes, you can take spare shoes. Winter weddings are considered the most difficult. Both men and women cannot do without outerwear and replaceable shoes. It is preferable for women to wear long sheepskin coats or fur coats, preferably with a hood, this will save their festive hairstyle.

How to dress for a wedding

It is advisable for men to avoid a combination of white and black, because this is how the groom will be dressed. However, this is not a reason to wear colorful, with drawings and inscriptions of shirts or torn jeans.  Choose the calm, clean tones of the costume, the emphasis on the festivity and solemnity of the chance can make a tie.

If the wedding takes place in the warm season, then men should put on a shirt of gray, blue or pistachio.

The most important rule for all guests is not to dress in the style of newlyweds. To avoid ridiculous situations with the same dresses or costumes, it is better to consult with guests who plans to put on what kind of outfits (what color scheme).

Given all the above recommendations and wishes, you will be worthy and festive at the wedding of your close friends or relatives.