How to determine that you fell in love with a best friend

Of course, friendship between men and women exists. Despite the fact that many still believe that at the same time one of these friends is necessarily sexual attraction to another, there are those who claim that they are only friends. And suddenly it begins to seem to you that your feelings for a friend have become warmer. Perhaps you rebuilt the line of just friendship, and fell in love with your friend.

How to determine that you fell in love with a best friend

In order to know for sure whether it is or not there are special signs that will help you figure out what you really are experiencing for your friend.

In the company of a friend, you feel much better than in a company with any other man. A meeting with him is literally a real holiday for you. You are comfortable and interesting with it. Of course he is your friend, so you feel like that. However, think why then you are better with him than with any other man.

He, of course, makes you compliments. And you begin to literally melt from them.

You don’t like it at all when he talks to you about other girls. And even more so you do not like to observe him in the company with other persons.

Of course, you talk to him about a relationship and you probably want him to be happy and meet love. However, nevertheless, somewhere deep down, you understand that you do not want any stable and serious relationships to his starting.

In order to meet him, you are ready to sacrifice your own date. Of course, if the situation is emergency and your friend needs help and support is justified. And if this is just your next meeting, it is very strange that you want to see it much stronger than a man who seems to you like, you like it.

How to determine that you fell in love with a best friend

Before you meet him, you spend more than one hour in front of the mirror. Of course, the girl always wants to look attractive. However, think for yourself, when you go to visit your girlfriend, you strive to create the perfect image.

If at least one day you have not exchanged messages on social networks or have not called up, you feel sad and sadness.

He has become for you literally the only person who in any situation can cheer you up.

When you hug at the meeting, you begin to catch yourself thinking that you would like to delay these hugs longer.