How to cook homemade mayonnaise “

Currently, mayonnaise is the most popular sauce. The history of mayonnaise begins in France in 1757. In the city of Mayon, Duke de Richelieu was besieged by the British, food was running out. The cook, in order to please the Duke decided to mix olive oil, lemons and eggs, resulting in a new product with an amazing taste. In the future, the product was named after the city in which it was first prepared. Now mayonnaise is part of almost all popular salads.

The product that is sold in stores often contains many food additives and preservatives. This composition of mayonnaise is not too useful for people, and especially for children. There is a simple recipe for preparing mayonnaise at home.

The composition of home mayonnaise includes the following products:

Refined sunflower oil. From ordinary oil, mayonnaise is bitter, which will then not be eliminated;

Lemon juice;

Egg. It is better to get out of the refrigerator in advance and leave on the table;

Salt, sugar, mustard;

Greens, garlic and other additives to your taste.

At the beginning, mix in the juice of the halves of the lemon a quarter teaspoon salt, half a teaspoon of sugar and other spices. Instead of lemon juice, citric acid and water are suitable. Solve a few crystals of citric acid in one tablespoon of water. Next, pour 130 g of refined sunflower oil into the high bowl, pour our mixed spices on top of the oil, add mustard and break one egg. It is important that the yolk eggs remain intact. Now take a blender and put it directly on the yolk. This moment is very important. Beat the mixture for 10 seconds.

Oil should turn into thick white mayonnaise. We make a short pause and beat the mixture for another 20 seconds. If during this time the mixture has not turned into a homogeneous mass, turn on the blender for a few more seconds. One boiled yolk can be added to the finished sauce, this will give mayonnaise a wonderful silky taste. Any greens, garlic in mayonnaise are added to taste.

So, having spent only a few minutes, we got a natural product guaranteed not to contain various harmful substances. The product you prepared will be guaranteed to contain all vitamins and minerals, since the products were not undergoing heat treatment. Thanks to a simple recipe, you can cook homemade mayonnaise at any time.