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How to cook alcohol cocktails

What associations arise with us with the word “cocktail”? Most often, we remember a night club, bar, restaurant.

But today, a festive atmosphere can be created by us in a home environment. For this there are household appliances, without which many modern kitchens do not do:


food processor



Only your fantasy, experimental recipes, practical experiments will be needed, and soon you and your friends will certainly be able to enjoy the new faces of your culinary abilities.

We will equip a home bar

Where to start equipping a home bar? It is good to build a bar, if free area allows. If the whole set of the necessary dishes is before your eyes, and not in boxes and doors, then you will certainly want to start cooking cocktails. The bar can replace a narrow table, which will become a kind of border of the kitchen and dining room. Next, you need to find the right place for juicer and blender, and put a couple of bar stools to create a guest zone. From the cabinet hanging nearby, you need to remove pots and jars, arrange a glass facade and fill with glasses, glasses, glasses, desserts, other dishes.

Another important element for cocktails is ice. There are standard molds that are included in the set of refrigerators, but they have unpleasant odors that they absorb from products, fish or meat. If the fruit cocktail has the smell of mackerel, it is unlikely that someone will like it. You can get a separate bar refrigerator, set it under the rack. And if this is not possible, you can limit yourself to the purchase of special ice bags in which you need to pour water and tie it tightly.

One of the important components of the Bar device is the acquisition of a blender. A professional, powerful machine is, of course, the perfect option. But if you have a small family, you can limit yourself to a universal model. She will help you in the preparation of drinks and a whole family dinner. The main thing is before buying a blender to ask the material from which the bowl is made, and its volume. A liter of the product should fit into the Blender bowl, that is, at least four portions of the cocktail. It is convenient and functional. It is also important that the blender can grind ice into the gruel. Often, cocktail recipes contain this component. Experiment in your kitchen!