Ideas for giving

How to conduct a conversation to the employer with a contender for work

At the first meeting with a person, you can learn a lot about him.

It is enough to see how he behaves in communicating with people, how he enters the office or office, as he expects a reception, it is already possible to judge his determination, caution, self -control, sociability and other human indicators. In this case, you need to pay attention to his behavior (demonstrativeness, naturalness or play).

The main method of studying the candidate for employees is a personal conversation. The correctness of which will depend on the experience of the employer.

To avoid mistakes when meeting with an employee, you need to have a pre -prepared conversation plan. It should be in the form of a typical questionnaire, which is compiled for such a case and is used in the personnel service of any enterprise. In this case, you need to be extremely attentive, polite and tolerant of the interlocutor.

To start the conversation correctly, you need to remove the first excitement from the interlocutor, to arrange him to a confidential and open conversation. At the same time, you cannot take into account the first impression of a person, give the interlocutor to speak out.

During the conversation, it should be said so that the interlocutor understands what is at stake. Do not ask direct questions, but use the leaders, to which the future employee could answer at ease, and, therefore, more frankly. It is better when he tells himself about himself, without any questions and tips.

The conversation should be carried out in such a way as not to allow deviations from the main orientation (t.e. Clearly adhering to the plan).

After the conversation, in no case should the applicant to work immediately the final decision. It is necessary to analyze, carefully weigh all the moments of the conversation and after some time tell him about the result.

Correctly a conversation needs to be done not only during such meetings, but also in everyday life. This quality is necessary for everyone and is very useful in life.