How to choose the right swimsuit

Every day the sun is more and more, and the soul asks for the long -awaited vacation, which in the summer is necessarily associated with a vacation at sea, lake or river. Which woman does not want to look elegant and beautiful on the beach and as much as possible to hide the irregularities of her figure, which we definitely find at home, even if a beloved man calls us a goddess.

A perfectly selected swimsuit will help us with this, to choose which is not so easy. It is clear that models made of materials with Lycra fibers (LYKRA) are recognized as the best swimsuit in the world. The basis of the fabric can be natural material (cotton, linen or even wool), synthetic or mixed, but in the fabric there should be at least 5% of the lique. Then, according to experts, the swimsuit will “take water from the body” and quickly dry out. When washing, such a swimsuit will not stretch and will not lose its shape, preserving elasticity and softness.

Buy a swimsuit of the corresponding size and color – it must fully comply with you now, and not in the expected future, when you will very much lose weight and cover you with a beautiful bronze tanning.

Do not purchase a swimsuit in previously without measuring it. Even if you have a figure corresponding to the most stringent Hollywood standards, this does not mean at all that the you attracted model may suit you. Having tried on a swimsuit, make a small charge in it to make sure that it is convenient for you, the straps do not fall, the fabric is not going to fold, and the chest does not fall out of the cups.

For elegant and slender girls, separate bikini swimsuits with drapery and waxes are ideal. If you think that your breasts are not enough, choose a swimsuit without straps, with folds, assemblies and a transverse pattern or monophonic coloring, avoiding Bando models. It will look great and visually increase the chest in the form of a twisted thin scarf.

Large full chest, decorated with a whole swimsuit, low -cut under the armpits, will hit the grace of lines. At the same time, it is desirable that the swimsuit be dark or with a horizontal pattern. A swimsuit made of dark material with light inserts on the sides or in a decorative strip will significantly slings down the figure and will make even a very wide waist, and an enlarged neckline on the hips will lengthens the legs. The same amazing effect can be achieved if the bottom of the swimsuit is dark, and the top is light, and the swimsuit should be made not of brilliant, but from matte fabric.

Squeezes fairly wide straps complete with decorative details on the chest visually hide the full shoulders and make more elegantly a powerful back. A powerful rear can be successfully disguised as a straight pretty skirt, and large legs are hidden under light poreo.

Women with wide hips will be able to divert attention to the upper body with a brighter color and decorations of the bathing bodies and black fabric on the hips. A swimsuit with a fairly high Lirakh content will help pull off the stomach and hide a few extra centimeters.

In general, the right and well -chosen swimsuit will help you look much slimmer, “hide” extra pounds and hide the defects of the figure.

And in conclusion, I would like to say about male bathing swimming trunks, which, as a rule, pays much less attention. In the manufacture of men’s swimming trunks to polyamide, Lyuke is also added for greater elasticity and elasticity. In the “right” Lyra’s swimming, there should be at least 16%, the more, the better. Swimming trunks of such fabric and body are pleasant and fit better. Therefore, when choosing swimming trunks, read the composition of the fabric on the label. Checking this information is quite simple: swimming trunks with a sufficient content of Lecke Lecke stretch by one and a half to two times. If there is no Liraku fabric at all, the swimming trunks will be poorly stretched, to hurt the body or so freely that the owner risks them someday losing in water.

Of course, the quality of the swimsuit affects its price, but there is nothing to be done here: cheap – good does not happen good!