How to choose the right leash

At first glance, it may seem that choosing a leash is simple enough. However, this is not at all like. Indeed, in order not to make a mistake with a choice and get a really good leash, you need to first find out what they are and what you need to pay attention to when buying.

How to choose the right leash

Carbine. This is the first thing to pay attention to when you get a leash. Remember that the larger your pet in size, the more powerful there should be a carbine. Some of the most durable carbines are produced in Poland. However, if your pet is not so big, then the carbine that was made in China is quite suitable for him. If there is no instruction of the manufacturer on the leash and the tag itself, do not be shy and ask the seller about it.

Tarpaulin and nylon leashes. Such leashes are usually used for dog training. Their advantages include not high cost, durability, but also of different lengths, from a meter to twenty meters. Such leashes, provided that the carbine will have enough strength, can withstand almost any load. These two types of leashes differ from each other exclusively in their appearance. Nylon leash has a beautiful appearance, but slides in the hands. The canvas leash does not have such a minus, however, it does not have a beautiful appearance. As already mentioned, it is difficult to break such a leash. But the pet can gnaw it. Therefore, this fact should be taken into account if you want to leave your pet on a leash for a long time.

How to choose the right leash

Metal leashes. The first thing you need to pay attention to if you want to purchase such a leash is on a way to attach links. They must be cooked among themselves. If not, then it is better to abandon this leash, because your pet can just straighten it. This type of leash is not suitable for long walks. All because it is too heavy for this, especially if you also purchased the same metal collar for it for it. But this leash is perfect in order to wean your pet to bite it. After a few unpleasant attempts to do this, he will understand that it is useless.

Land Tros. This is a type of leash that is needed in order to protect the fixed object. Now such leashes are equipped with shock absorbers that help reduce jerks and thus the structure does not cause any harm to the dog.

Landing-drive. This leash is quite short and has a powerful carbine. Apply this type of leash mainly in order to lead a dog nearby when you are in crowded places. Of course, it can be used under other conditions, but it will be very inconvenient. At the same time, it is recommended to use such a leash, only while you lead the dog to the site, after which you release it.

Back. Another name for this spark leash. It is bifurcated and has two carbines. In this case, each end combines with the other, using the ring. Such a leash is intended for two dogs at once. Most often this leash is used at exhibitions, when the owner represents two of his pets at once. In addition, the spark is great in order to go with dogs along the street where there are many people. However, such a leash is completely unsuitable for dog walking, because it will be simply inconvenient for them.

How to choose the right leash

Carrowing. Such a leash is equipped with several carbines at the ends that are located at some distance from each other. There are also three, and in some models there are four rings. How the rules this leash has a length of about two meters. The main material that is used for its production is the skin.

Such a leash is not suitable for walking. And use it, as a rule, to train dogs. During this, the dog can not only be tied for a short period of time, but also move with it, while holding on a leash. If you want to purchase just such a leash, then you should pay attention that it is better not to buy models on which there are wicker inserts or ribbed flat rings. All this can lead to the fact that you can scratch your hands.

Ringovka. This leash is short, and it is used mainly at exhibitions. It is fixed on the dog’s chest or behind her ears. And the color, as a rule, is selected based on the color of the dog.

Roulette. This type of leash can rightly be called one of the most convenient. As soon as this type of leash appeared on store shelves, but immediately won the love of the owners of the pets. Use it is quite simple. In addition, he will not do any harm to your pet, and it will be very convenient to move on such a leash. The owner of the dog can either lengthen the leash at any time, or, on the contrary, shorten, so that the dog walks nearby.