How to choose the right clothing style for a new job

Well, we can assume that the most difficult thing is far behind, you brilliantly passed the interview and you were accepted to a new place of work. It would seem that you can calm down, throw aside all the nervous and emotional moments, but do not be mistaken, this is far from the case. You have already won the first victory, now there is the next task, and the autumn is important, this is the development in a new place. Agree, it is not enough to get a cherished position, you need to get up beautifully and successfully.

How to choose the right clothing style for a new job

As you know, they meet on clothes, so do not be surprised that your appearance will be left without attention. There are more, you are now a new member of the already cohesive team, so you cannot avoid evaluating views. In order not to get into an awkward situation, find out in advance what style of clothing adheres to the company, T.To. Everywhere their own rules and norms.  For men, this task will be easier than for women. It will be enough for them to put on a suit, and options are possible, both with a tie and without it. For the fair sex, this is a much more difficult task.  For the first day, a strict business suit is suitable at a new place of work. Also avoid bright colors, excessive number of accessories.

How to choose the right clothing style for a new job

Fuck yourself confidently and calmly, do not shake and do not straighten your suit in the presence of colleagues. The best option to feel comfortable at work will be to blame the outfit of the house. Dress what you decided to go, spend in this clothing for some time. You can walk, sit, or even try to play some situation. Try to put on shoes to get a finished set.  The main thing is that you get used to the suit and do not feel uncertainty.

How to choose the right clothing style for a new job

In general, designers offer several options for office clothing for a modern woman. For example:

You can play with forms and geometric shapes. For example, you can buy a blouse and trapezoidal skirt.

A new trend in office fashion, this dress is a case combined with leggings, but it is worth noting that the image does not turn out heavy, you need to choose light thin fabrics.

It is not necessary to wear white top and dark bottom. Modern fashion only welcomes the faith of different shades, the main thing is that it be restrained and combined with the lower part of your costume.

Often in offices you can meet women wearing male faces in combination with ties. This is now, by the way, also in fashion.

A very fashionable part of the office style can now be considered vests. Moreover, this also applies to men. They are combined with all kinds of outfits, and with dresses, and with blouses, shirts, sweaters.

How to choose the right clothing style for a new job

If the company you got to work, there are no rules of daily dress code, then here, of course, freedom of choice. You can choose your own style.

So, for example, negotiations, meetings and just in order to spend the day in the office you can choose the following sets:

Direct cut pants + knitted jacket + jacket with short or shortened sleeves,

Turtleneck or jacket + skirt – pencil + vest

Dress – case + turtleneck + jacket, you can shortened style.

If corporate events are planned or holidays are held in the office, then you can also offer several options for the image, for example:

Direct cut jeans + shirt, and necessarily combined with the bottom + belt at the waist level,

Straight cut pants + top + jacket,

Dress – case + jacket with short or shortened sleeves.

Pants + blouse of fitted cut bright tones.

How to choose the right clothing style for a new job

So that you do not choose in order to wear a new job, remember that you should always look clean and tidy.

Moreover, there are several important tips for both men and women.

Tips for men:

The shirt that you put on the office must be very carefully ironed, and the tie is correctly and conservatively selected,

Be sure to shoe,

If a man wears a mustache or beard, then they must be neatly trimmed. If it does not wear, then the face should be thoroughly shaved,

Also in order nails and hair,

Do not abuse perfume.

How to choose the right clothing style for a new job

Tips for women:

Optimally choose a business suit,

Correct makeup correctly, no catchy coloring stories with the style of Amazons,

Spirits are also good in moderation,

Correctly selected accessories, only decorate the full image,

Always clean and well -groomed hair and nails.

How to choose the right clothing style for a new job

And finally, I want to say, try to find a common language with the team, try to smile more, communicate, meet everyone. Bring a cake to work on the first day, drink a seagull in a new team. Good luck to you!