How to choose the color of lipstick

It has long been accepted that the mirror of the soul is the eyes. Of course, it is difficult to argue with this, but if we talk about a female person, we can say that lips play an equally important role in the female image. Therefore, in addition to the correct choice of makeup for the eyes, each representative of the fair sex should be able to choose the right lipstick correctly. After all, according to makeup artists, how competently its color is selected, the entire external image of a woman is largely dependent. Incorrectly chosen lipstick can not only change for the worse line of the female person or emphasize not too snow -white shade of teeth, but also visually aging a woman for several years. But how to choose the right color of the lipstick correctly? Let’s look at this important question for women and help ladies not make mistakes in such a choice.

How to choose the color of lipstick

With all the variety of lipstick colors, they are all divided into three groups:

Cold – these are pink shades

Warm – these are lipsticks of peach, coral and orange shade

Neutral – these are brown, beige and terracotta colors

And the shades, in turn, also have their differences – they can be dark, medium saturation and light, which must also be taken into account when choosing lipstick.

In addition, all labial lipsticks are also mother -of -pearl, glossy and matte, which is also important.

If we talk about all the criteria of the correct choice of lipstick, the following should be called the color of your face skin, the color of your eyes, the color of your teeth and hair, your age and size of your lips, lighting, and even the time of day.

Now let’s talk about the main criteria for choosing lipstick in more detail.

If you have dark skin, then lipsticks of red, wine, chocolate, plum and pastel tone are more suitable for you. If you are the owner of the light skin of the face, then it is advisable for you to choose for yourself a lipstick of a light pink, beige or light-coral shade. The general rule of choosing the color of the color lipstick in color of the skin suggests that warm lipsticks are approached to the warm skin tone, and the cold colors of the skin, respectively, are cold lipsticks.

Makeup artists recommend giving preference to girls with cherry, beige and pink shades of this tool of makeup. But the ladies whom nature endowed with gray eyes will more suit plum and beige lipsticks. Brown -eyed ladies can choose for themselves brighter and saturated shades – these can be lipsticks of red, brown and coral tones.

How to choose the color of lipstick

An equally important criterion for the correct choice of lipstick is also the color of your teeth. If you are naturally with snow -white teeth, then you are incredibly lucky – the choice of the shades of lipstick suitable for you in your case is limited only to the color type of your appearance. Ladams with yellow teeth are not recommended to use brown, bright red and purple tones for makeup, which will only emphasize this drawback. In this case, you can use lipstick of natural pink or orange tones. Girls who have not too smooth teeth, make -up artists advise not to despair and paint their lips in bright colors who visually attract attention to themselves.

If we talk about such an important factor of choosing the color of the lipstick as the size of your lips, then we can say the following – dark lipstick will visually reduce the size of your lips, and the bright will make them visually larger.

When choosing lipstick, one should also not forget about the age. So, it is advisable for young girls to choose light shades for themselves, and mature ladies are darker, but not screaming tones. Remember that lipsticks of pastel colors are less emphasized by wrinkles, which is important for women aged.

How to choose the color of lipstick

When choosing lipstick, it is advisable to remember about what lighting and at what time of day do you plan to use it. For daytime makeup, lipsticks are more suitable for neutral shades of medium saturation, and for evening makeup, dark lipsticks of more saturated colors are recommended. In cold lighting, lipstick of cold shades will look bad – in this case it is advisable to make lipstick lipstick with a beige lipstick of a warm shade. Well, if you have to spend time in a room with warm light, then do not use lipstick of brown or orange colors – it can give your face a painful look. Apply lipstick on the lips of pink, cherry or coral tones – it will help you look young, fresh and beautiful.