How to choose a bathroom washbasin: the main purchase parameters

When buying a washbasin, this is what you need to consider when choosing:

– What type of fastening do you like the most?

A pedestal is a good choice for a guest room where storage is less important and the space is limited. Their elegant design, clear lines can visually increase the room, while improving its appearance. The pedestal of the shells are in various styles and forms. You can easily order such bathroom washbasins even via the Internet. For example on the site/.

The wall mounting of the sink is good because it will hang on the wall there and at the height that you choose. Recently, these shells have become popular quickly. Partly because there are so many attractive and innovative projects. And also because they fit perfectly in miniature bathrooms.

Universal and stylish, washbasin in the form of a bowl that is placed on the countertop, console or cabinet. Such bathroom washbasins are best suited for a master bathroom, especially in modern, cosmopolitan houses. Keep in mind that since these sinks are placed on countertops, they should be lower than usual to ensure easy access to the sink. Also consider what type of crane for use from such a washbasin will be appropriate.

Shells with countertops are characterized by the simplest type of installation. They are appropriate for large baths, as well as if you have many bath accessories and they simply have nowhere to store them.

– What type of crane do you like? What type of crane do you choose? The faucets come in all forms and styles too. Do not take a tiny tap on a large washbasin, or vice versa. Make sure that the overall style of the interior (for example, traditional or hi-Tekovsky) coincides with the design of the sink. Finally make sure that the crane and the sink correspond to each other in perforation.

When you choose the color, it is worth considering the color of other elements in your bathroom: lamps, countertops and so on. You want them to merge or be contrasting? Then with a bathroom washbasin will have to work, choosing a suitable shade.

– How much space is needed? Make sure that according to the parameters the sink that you choose will have enough room for storing toiletries. This is especially important when choosing wall models or shells on the pedestal.