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How to care for a tattoo on your own. “

You thought for a long time about whether you need to make a tattoo or not, and finally, you decided on it-you carefully thought out the image, went to the tattoo-salon and masterfully put it on the body and soon you can boast of it in front of your best friends. But in order for a good impression to last as long as possible, you need to carefully care for your tattoo, both after its direct application, and in the future. Thus, the applied image can maintain its shape and color.

Skin care

If you still decide on a tattoo in a special salon, its experts will definitely give you the main recommendations regarding skin care after applying a tattoo on it. If not, then our tips that will help you care for a tattoo will probably be useful to you, after applying it, it is the state of the tattoo in the future that depends on this.

So, after the master applied to the body, he must necessarily apply a special bandage that cannot be removed within 12 hours. After you remove the bandage, you need to rinse well with running water with ordinary soap, you do not need to wipe it with a towel so that the image itself is dry.

After that, it is necessary to apply an antibacterial ointment with a thin layer, which the master should advise you. For example, it can be Bacitrapin, D-Panthenol, Bepanten. Several times a day apply children’s cream to the surface of the tattoo. Before taking a bath or contrast shower, you need to provide a tattoo on special protection using fat cream.

During the care of the tattoo, it is prohibited:

Apply alcohol solution to the image;


Remove the crust, scratch and touch the freshly condensed tattoo;

Visit the sauna, swim in the sea, visit the pool, bath, take a hot shower or bath;

Glue a tattoo with a patch or bandage for a long time;

Drink coffee and take alcoholic beverages;

Perform physical exercises

As a rule, the healing time of tattoos is about two weeks. At this time, a thin crust should go off the tattoo, after which the scaly layer will come. After two weeks, you can use the usual skin care products in the form of a scrub and washcloth for skin care.

Preservation of tattoos

If you correctly looked after the recently applied tattoo, then its image can be preserved for a long time. But in the future you must prevent her subsequent fading.

As for the shape of the applied tattoo, it can best be preserved on those parts of the body where the skin is more elastic – for example, on an ankle or on a shoulder blade. If the tattoo was applied to the place where the skin is subject to changes. And you have no choice but to keep yourself in shape all the time to prevent the occurrence of cellulite and sagging skin.

If the applied image of black, blue, brown or red, then the tattoo will remain much longer. And other colors, such as orange, yellow, pink, white or blue, will begin to fade much faster.

Preservation of the color of the image depends on the uniformity and speed of the natural renewal of your skin. If in daily care for the applied tattoo, turn on the lubrication of the skin with olive or sea buckthorn oil, as a result of which the skin will begin to be more evenly renewed, and redness of the skin and the number of keratinized cells will gradually decrease.

To maintain the color of the tattoo, you need to eat daily food, which is rich in vitamin E. It is not advisable to expose your skin exposure to chemicals. For example, alcohol, which is part of household chemicals or cosmetics, as well as chlorine contained in the water of the pool, negatively affects the appearance of the tattoo. Therefore, you must try to minimize the effects of these chemical products on the skin, on which a tattoo was applied.

Solar radiation can also lead to the fading of the image. When caring for a tattoo, you need to protect the skin from the effects of temporary tanning, for this you need to use a special sunscreen with protection against UV radiation. You can also cover the tattoo with a gauze bandage, since a solar burn can lead to the deformation of the image.

To care for your tattoos is more effective if inflammation occurs, you must turn to the master that applied the image as soon as possible. Some paints can cause allergic reactions to the skin, and your body can protect itself from their effects, but everything needs to seek help from the master.