How to build a foundation for a private house and a bathhouse? Suburban construction

The construction of each building is associated with preparation for the general structure. This is, first of all, the laying of the foundation. Before starting construction, it is necessary to make a project and coordinate all the necessary documentation. The documentation and the project as a whole must be agreed and taken into account all the nuances of construction: safety precautions during construction work and the operation of the building, fire safety, quality of work and building materials, the availability of the necessary specialists, working conditions. At the same time, the foundation takes one of the first places.

The bathhouse is built in the initial stages about the same as the private house itself, since every structure needs the foundation, but its thickness will be slightly different. Immediately after pouring the foundation, it is worth giving the opportunity to freeze for a day or two products, which will effectively help to cross the foundation of the future bath. Naturally, all these operations should be performed after you have gained experience and tried to make sure that you really need to build a bathhouse. For those who live in Moscow, this is not such a need, since there is an opportunity to go to a sauna or a bathhouse in a CJSC, there are many options and for different tastes.

The creation of the foundation is made according to the general plan of the built -up site. Therefore, digging a place for the foundation is necessary according to the approved plan. Then, to reinforce the basis of the foundation from concrete, it will be necessary to use the reinforcement. So that the marking of the foundation does not stray when removing the cord (and this can happen repeatedly), the cord is fixed with turrets. As soon as the contour of the foundation for the foundation is ready, it is necessary to start building the foundation itself. Particular attention is required to pay the depth and contour of the foundation for the foundation.

In the prepared pit, it is necessary to start sandy work. Sand does not allow the shrinkage of the building, while the sand must be tamped. Must be used the main reinforcement grid. Then they start concrete work, concrete should be distributed evenly. Not only the load on the foundation depends on this, but the entire building as a whole. Construction reinforcement should be made from under the concrete slab. After all the necessary measures on foundation, wall formwork is done. The smoother the formwork, the better the wall and less costs for plastering work. The formwork is removed after performing all the necessary work in this regard.

How to build a foundation for a private house and a bathhouse?