How to apply evening makeup itself correctly

If you were invited to some kind of celebration or party, then you can’t do without persistent makeup [1]. How to make a persistent evening makeup [2] so that cosmetics do not shine, and does not melt.

How to apply evening makeup itself correctly

First you need to determine the type of your skin. Oily skin is moistened with cream. If the skin is very oily, then instead of a cream, to the area under the lower age, you can apply a little lotion. This is done by massaging movements. Dry skin is moistened in the usual way.

If there are spots on the skin of the face that you do not like, then apply a thin layer of base on them with a small brush, or with a sponge. It is advisable to choose the basis of the least fatty, it should not be rubbed, but only tenderly applied with a special brush. In this case, you need to pay attention to ensuring that sharp transitions are not obtained along the lines of the nose, cheeks, cheekbones and foreheads.

Remember that too bright the base gives the face unnatural pallor and fatigue. Here, the main criterion is the natural color of the skin. After that, the face should be slightly powdered with a special brush.

You need to apply tone with good face lighting in front of a large mirror. Begin to apply tone from the upper eyelids. It is better to choose dry shadows, unlike creamy, they do not flow. Dry shadows apply in two layers.

Gently and thoroughly work out small wrinkles around the eyes. And for cheeks and forehead, everyday tone is quite suitable.

After that, start applying translucent powder. It is applied with a clean fluff and is distributed with a thin layer.

How to apply evening makeup itself correctly

Gently put the tone of the ivory color around the eyes. On the notch above the upper lip, put the same tone.

Out your eyes along the contour brown shadows, be careful so that the shadows do not go beyond the edges of the eyebrows.

To give the skin brightness, go in places under the nose, cheeks, and over the eyebrows with a transparent powder. It is possible to use powder with a bronze tint, the main thing is that the skin of the face does not contrast in tone with the color of the neck and chest.

Close your eyes along the edges of the eyelids with a black pencil. You can use a more persistent and effective liquid eyeliner. Here a good option would be waterproof mascara.

Next, apply mascara to eyelashes. It is recommended to apply mascara to eyelashes like this: you need to start from the middle of the century, first the outer side, and the fact that it remains is the internal. Mascara is applied with several thin layers, letting each layer dry a little so that the eyelashes do not glue.

How to apply evening makeup itself correctly

Out your eyebrow with a pencil if you think it is necessary.

Brown lipstick lipsticks. So that the lipstick on the lips is more resistant, paint over their entire surface with a pencil for the lips. After, apply lipstick and get your lips with a napkin, then paint your lips again. After that, add the shine and fixer of the lipstick [4].