Housing rental: European practice in Ukraine

In the context of the European -oriented course of the movement of the whole of Ukraine, its leadership will need not only to change the formal approach to the problems of housing rental, but also to create a fundamentally new principle on the interaction between the tenant and the owner – officially and to the mandatory degree of transparent.

The Ukrainian leadership and those who come to his shift after the presidential election have to resolve several rather important issues: to fully comply with European standards and standards all segments of life. Naturally, housing rent is simply impossible to ignore. Many experts of the Ukrainian real estate market suggest that this fall can be observed by a thorough surge in business activity, which will invariably attract business investors to the metropolitan region that are tuned to rent not very expensive residential real estate. Kiev, and all of Ukraine, have quite serious problems with this.

The cost of renting before the economic crisis was accepted by one of the highest in European countries. It is noteworthy that the high rental rate was so unjustified, since the level of comfort of the residential real estate of our country is an order of magnitude lower compared to the European.

Indicator cost of renting a residential apartment even in the most expensive European capitals, often does not exceed a third of the tenant’s income, but in Ukraine it is at three quarters of the average market wage. For Europe, everyday business is to rent housing with high -quality household appliances, furniture items, as well as everything necessary for a comfortable life, up to bedding and utensils. In our country, a similar approach has just begun to implement.