Household service at a construction site. Forum of Forex traders

For servicing workers at construction sites, household premises, food and healthcare points are arranged.

The sanitary gap from objects that secrete dust and harmful gases is installed 50 m and not closer than 7 k from the railway tracks. If you work with Forex, then you can read the latest news on the forum here: Traders Forum.

Clothes are stored on hangers, in open or closed cabinets for drying clothes arrange rooms at the rate of 0 2 m2 per person using a dryer. A room for diluting clothing should be at least 12 z2

Hats, shoes, linen are stored in the nests and boxes of closed cabinets. Wardrobe will be equipped with benches for undressing at the rate of at least 25% of workers.

The restrooms are equipped with floor ceramic bowls or toilets. Up to 25 workers are served by separate restrooms, having one toilet. With an increase in the number of workers, the number of toilets increases: at 100 workers in men’s restrooms, 6 toilets are set, and in female – 5 and t. D. Pissuers or trays are installed in male restrooms, washed off by water continuously. In the absence of sewage systems, unit is equipped or mobile restrooms are provided.

Wash wash is equipped with cranes – at the rate of one crane for 15 workers. In the shower, mesh is installed at the rate of one for I working. Women’s hygiene rooms are equipped with the number of working women more than 100.

Laundry for washing work clothing is arranged in accordance with the project.