Some of us love to spend a vacation at sea, in the mountains or simply studying the customs and life of other peoples. For some, a vacation failed if he did not bring many photos with elephants, pyramids, cacti. True, there were also those who spend the summer days in the country.

As a rule, the cottage is not only a place of rest, but also a place for labor. Garden, flower beds, greenhouses … All this is so familiar.

Greenhouses are special rooms for growing thermophilic plants. It consists of a frame and coating. As a rule, the frame is made of metal. At home, wooden bars are often used for the frame. Coating – this is a plastic film, glass. Inexpensive greenhouses can be purchased in specialized stores or in certain supermarkets.

Often greenhouses are used not only for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and watermelons, but also for flowers. For today, enough began to engage in growing roses, orchids, gerber at home. This became possible due to the fact that you can independently buy and mount greenhouses. If you carefully care for (watering in time, prevent drafts, use fertilizers), then the result will not be long in coming.

It is impossible to grow melons and watermelon in open ground to such quality as we are offered in the south. However, modern greenhouses solve all these issues. The temperature in the greenhouses is quite high. Can even reach 35 degrees Celsius. They maintain high humidity.

People who have long been engaged in the cultivation of their own vegetable and berries have long noticed the advantages of greenhouses and greenhouses over open ground. That is why it is practically not possible to imagine a summer cottage without this structure. The greenhouse made it possible to expand the list of products that can be grown on your own area.