Glued wood. What it is?

We will talk about the use of glued wood. This technology is not an absolute novelty in the building materials market. However, the use of glued wood structures recently received a large impetus forward. The possibility of wider use of glued wood, not only in the construction of low -rise houses, but also in the creation of long wooden structures.

The use of achievements in various fields of science and technology constantly allows you to transfer these achievements from one area to another. The widespread introduction of materials that were developed for the latest technologies changed the usual building materials market for /. Not so long ago, many wooden structures were replaced by more durable constructions from plastic or aluminum.

However, the number of advantages possessed by wooden building materials does not allow them to leave the arsenal of builders. One of these trends is the use of new technologies to improve various properties of wood.

Currently, it has become possible to use long -dimensional beams made of glued wood. If earlier it was possible to get structures no more than ten meters long, then using new technologies, it is quite simply possible to get beams from glued wood in more than twenty meters long. Why do not refuse to use wood in construction? After all, wood has a large number of minuses.

For example:

• Fire hazardous.

• subject to decay.

• subject to parasites.

• Witting is poorly opposed.

And there are also negative factors that are characteristic of wood. However, positive factors are also quite a few. And it is these factors that do not allow to refuse a tree in construction:

• Ecological purity.

• Aesthetics.

• Beauty.

• Relative cheapness.

• Seismic resistance

And these are only a few positive characteristics that are inherent in wood.

It is the advantages that the wood possesses that make technologies to go forward that improve the properties of a tree. And one of these technologies is the technology of glued wood.

To date, very good results have been obtained in the use of glued wood to create long -meter structures, for high -speed construction of houses, for the production of wooden materials from wood, etc. D. All this says that not soon the tree will stop serving as a building material.