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Glazing of the balconies of Togliatti

Today, more and more people prefer to glaze loggias or balconies, since glazing allows you to create another additional room that can be used for numerous purposes. Someone on the balcony arranges a winter garden, and someone turns the balcony into a bedroom, a place to relax or a work room. In order to have a glazed balcony, you must first choose a type of glazing. There are two types, namely cold and warm glazing. In the cold version, rams from aluminum profiles are installed. Similar designs are intuitive, light and durable. After all the necessary measurements have been carried out, it is necessary to make these same rams from the aluminum profile.

This solution is especially relevant for small balconies. The advantage of cold glazing is its availability, as well as the fact that such structures have strength, fire resistance and durability. For any balcony, such glazing is suitable, it protects the balcony from saw and noise. If you need to carry out warm glazing, you should use PVC structures that will allow you to get a comfortable and warm room. For this type of glazing, the windows with double -glazed windows are first installed, and then the insulation. At the end, it is necessary to carry out repair and finishing and as a result it turns out the balcony of the maximum warm and cozy.

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