Generac GP 6000 E gasoline generator

Generac GP 6000 E gasoline generator is one of the very powerful units from its series. Equipped with an electric starter and has two wheels for the convenience of moving it. Its power is enough to provide you with electricity. You can see more generators on the website /Generatory.HTM.

Advantages of a gasoline generator. The valve is located from the top and has a hole for spraying the lubricant. Large gas tank with a level sensor and is made of steel. Has an oil level sensor, thereby protecting the engine from work without oil. Has a folding handle for light storage. Has a watchmaker to comply with the period between maintenance. The panel that is equipped with backlight to simplify working with devices. Devices to simplify work with a generator, displayed to the control panel.

Technical data.

| Generator |

| Fuel type | gasoline |

| power | 9000 W up to 6000 W |

| Voltage: | 220 V |

| Voltage frequency: | 50 Hz |

| engine | | Engine type: | 4 stroke |

| Engine volume: | 420 cm |

| Valve location: | OHV |

| Ignition system: | electronic |

| Starter: | Elektrostarter |

| Frequency of rotation: | 3000 rpm. |

| Dimensions: | 69.2×68.7×63.8 cm. |

| Mass:. | 89000 g or 89 kg |

About the company manufacturer Generac (Generac) is an American company that leads the production of generators. Their products are successful with large Russian and foreign companies and enterprises. The company has three plants at the disposal of their area is more than 100,000 m2. The company began its production of generators in 1959. Due to the fact that the units are made for operation in difficult climatic conditions. This company quickly fell in love with the consumer. Currently, the company produces generators with different scores in power from 1 – 9000 kW. With modern equipment, the company managed to bring harmful impurities in exhaust gases to a minimum.