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Gazebos for relaxation

Having built (or bought) their own house, the owners begin to engage in the improvement of the site. Having arranged outbuildings, sometimes they forget to arrange a recreation area. And some consider decorative elements on the area of ​​excessive luxury.

But, nevertheless, without a cozy gazebo, the private site looks a little flawed. After all, the gazebo is not only an element of the jewelry of the yard. On the warm summer days in her shadow, it is nice to arrange gatherings with friends behind a samovar or (what a sin to hide) at a festive table with wine and barbecue.

And how to equip the gazebo, let everyone decide for himself. The shape of the gazebo can have any – round, rectangular, in the form of a pentagon, etc.P. And this structure is a wooden canopy that is firmly based on a frame of logs. You can use natural soil as a floor, of course. But it’s better to make a wooden flooring on a small elevation.

You can arrange a gazebo using carved platbands or use decorative wood decoration. And so that the gazebo is more comfortable, it is lounged around the perimeter with high (preferably weaved) crops, for example, the following: honeysuckle, lominos, grapes, etc.P.

As a gazebo, you can install a pergola made of decorative gratings. The lattices themselves are made from wooden rails or metal pipes. Two to three walls of the trivial type are installed on brickwork. Another trivial grate is mounted on top of them. And to protect the pergola from the wind and rains, it is densely decorated with curly plants.