Furniture requirements for bathroom

Choosing furniture for the room, we always make her some requirements. But when it comes to the acquisition of furniture in the bathroom, the requirements increase twice and high speed. And this is not surprising. The bathroom is the most fastidious and the most difficult atmosphere of the room. There is constantly a lot of water here, and what, when doing it, splashes out and spreads into neighboring items. There are also steams and high temperatures are constantly present here. Not every furniture can take such conditions. That is why the requirement for the bathroom furniture is inflated.

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1. Furniture material, which will be used for the bathroom. This material should not spread from contact with water, should easily wash and have no contraindications to high temperatures. These materials can be: plastic, metal, glass, mirror, waterproof MDF, artificial stone.

2. Furniture functionality, this is its second main task. Since the bathroom is a rather small room, the furniture should be such that everything that is necessary can fit into it, but even it should not take up a lot of space. There must be closed shelves and open to the convenient location of hygiene products.

In standard configuration, the bathroom looks like this:

– Cabinet – coupe and cabinets

– Open shelves near the washbasin and bathroom