Frame houses

The construction of frame houses at first glance seems to be a much more simplified task than the construction of typical brick buildings or structures from blocks. However, this is a big misconception. The main constructive element of the described houses – the frame – requires due attention. It will not be difficult for experienced specialists to build a frame house for 2 weeks.

Stages of the construction of a turnkey frame house:

1. Preparation of the foundation.

2. Installation of a frame from a beam and boards using screws, bolts, nails and additional fasteners using diagonal spacers.

3. Lining the outer walls of the frame with the selected facing material.

4. Coating and decoration of internal walls.

5. Installation and roofing.

Building frame houses (/Stroitelstvo-Karkasnyx-Domov/) thanks to the improvement of technologies and methods of processing materials today has become available to residents of various climatic zones.

The advantages of frame houses

First, frame construction is the cheapest construction technology. The low cost is due to the fact that small weight allows you to mount them on less deepened light foundations. Accordingly, the rates for conducting such work are significantly lower than the prices for building the foundation for a stone structure.

Secondly, contacting Dom-Stroy, you can build a frame house in Kyiv strictly by the indicated time without unscheduled costs. The conclusion of an agreement for the construction of the facility allows the client to guarantee that the work will be completed on time with proper quality of the frame house.

Thirdly, the variety of building materials presented in the modern market allows you to realize the most daring projects. Frame houses are rightfully considered the most environmentally friendly buildings, in view of the predominant use in the construction of natural materials.

Trust but check

Quickly and inexpensively become the owner of a cozy frame house on their own project in Kyiv today is dreamed of many citizens who are tired of excessive noise and stinging slaughter. To solve the problem radically and contact the first construction company – a hasty rash solution that can “move” the fulfillment of a dream for several years in advance. Experienced specialists of Dom-Stroy are ready to assist in choosing a project of a frame house, building and finishing materials.