Forged Products. Manufacturing forged fences and gates

Forging is a type of manual metal processing, popular since distant times. The forged gates look solid, expensive and elegant, they are also always exclusive, since they are performed by individual order.

Forged fences are distinguished by some advantages:

Reliable security.

Inorganism of the service life. Metal product will serve for several years.

Variety of design, forms.

Prestigion and expensive view.

Forged fences have an undeniable property – to harmoniously combine with any building material. This is facilitated by art forging. This causes genuine admiration and emphasizes your status.

Recently, residents of summer cottages and private houses are increasingly acquiring metal fences, due to the reliability of the design, an unlimited service life, and its luxurious appearance. If you want to purchase fences by original design, we advise you to get acquainted with the assortment of the proven Kyiv company Studzhuk, the company has established itself as a reliable and promising partner. 27 years in the forging market. Having its own powerful production areas, it carries out all types of work with metal.

The advantages of the products of the Kyiv company – the manufacturer “Storzhuk”:

A wide range of fences, gates, gates that will be made in different design.

High quality products, thanks to the great experience of masters, and modern equipment.

Honest, low prices.

On the company’s website you can place an order for forged fences with various types of grilles or gates.

By ordering a forged fence according to an individual sketch, you get a unique product that is unlike others. The price of an individual product may differ from a standard fence without art forging. One way or another, the client receives impeccable quality and exceptional design.

Forged metal products never lose their relevance. Each design ultimately turns out to be perfectly, and is combined with many types of gates and gate.

You can choose a fence from the company catalog, or order manufacturing on your own sketch. If questions arise regarding forged fences or forged products as a whole, you can get a free consultation from the company’s specialists, just call the indicated numbers in contacts, visit the office in Kyiv or leave a request on the site.