Floor screed in a wooden house

The floor screed is, in fact, pouring with a concrete mixture (sometimes with any additional impurities) prepared surface. It is needed to simplify the styling of various floor materials, since the screed allows you to level the floor and also extend the service of tiles, parquet or any other material during this.

The floor screed in a wooden house, as a rule, is performed according to a special technology, which is called the “incoherent screed”. This name was given due to the lack of contact of the screed with the floor. This type of screed consists of sand, cement and plasticizer. It should be noted that the “incoherent screed” is not suitable if it is decided to put the “warm floor” system on it, since the tree has a great drawback: it is porous material and, under the influence of high temperatures, even through the screed, the wooden floor will be easily deformed. Before directly laying the screed, you should view the floor for the presence of cracks and close them up, as well as pour all joints with hermetic material. Next, the floor needs to be covered with a plastic film to avoid contact of the screed and wood. The next step is the arrangement of special beacons. Then the finished solution is spilled onto the film, the height of the screed should be at least 5 centimeters so that the screed itself is quite heavy. Experts also recommend using a reinforcing grid to give the screed even more strength. After the screed is dry, the edges of the polyethylene film should be cut.

The composition of the screed was mentioned plasticizer. This substance will give the screed strength and plasticity. Any mixtures based on cement are based on hygroscopic and quite easily missing water. The plasticizer prevents this and gives the screed such quality as tightness, prolonging its service life. (1519 characters)