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Fences from corrugated board

For several years, the fences from corporate parties have been permanent sales leaders. This is due to their excellent appearance and excellent technical characteristics. The possibilities of this material are truly limitless. Fences from corrugated board are used in small summer cottages, respectable suburban cottages, in state institutions, various industrial zones. Corrugated board is especially widely used when it comes to the construction of cottages.

The high popularity of these fences is due to their numerous advantages and advantages: practicality, simple installation, resistance to all kinds of atmospheric influences, reliability, long -term operation, good sound insulation, safety from wind and dust, high aesthetic qualities, protection against unwanted guests.

The standard fence option: by self -tapping screws or rivets, profiled sheets are attached to the supporting pillars of vertically installed (reinforced concrete, brick or metal). It turns out a continuous “wall” in which there are no extra holes or unwanted openings.

Today, fences are in demand from a galvanized unpainted or galvanized with a polymer coating of a profiled sheet. Manufacturers use polyester, purl, plastisol as a coating most often, which give the material attractiveness and protect it from corrosion and exposure to external factors. Coating fences, of course, differ in service life. They are more durable and practical.