Features of the Law on Realtorship

The regulation of real estate activities is a legislative sector of the real estate market, the changes in which were launched last 2013. But all these projects should finally end in the future next year.

Despite the fact that the country is in significant shocks of political and economic characters, the regulation of real estate activities is still carried out. But it is carried out extremely slowly, because in fact the people’s deputies are not even able to adopt the 2014 budget, not to mention the adoption of secondary laws. Here are just the indicated project for consideration of the Rada to introduce about 6 months ago, and no intelligible decisions on it still, it has not been possible to make. Professionals working in the real estate segment of the issue of this issue continues to worry quite much, the liquidation of firms engaged in real estate activities is also observed.

Experts pay attention to the moment that the real market for real estate services is in an extremely unsatisfactory condition for this period and it simply needs to regulate the legislation. But the bill, which was proposed by the Ministry of Economy, is still a fairly large number of ambiguous and incomprehensible norms.

Teaching is our everything!

The most difficult question is with learning. In fact, this extremely important process, necessary in the context of the new rules for evaluating real estate, has turned into a banal earning of funds with separate structures. The bill devoted to the regulation of real estate activity already provides for learning processes or subsequent retraining, as well as the provision of the necessary evidence.