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Features of the Kyiv real estate market

The metropolitan real estate market is inherently quite unique: it is here that the most commonly have the place to be new trends that come to the territory of the country from around the world. You can even say that the Kiev real estate market as a whole for Ukraine is a kind of test training ground in which a situation is studied, which will subsequently interpolate directly to the territory of the whole country.

Let us analyze the trends in the real estate market of Kyiv in the period of the month of this 2013. If we compare with the activity that took place in the month of April, then the overall indicator of business activity as a whole market has significantly decreased. As the main reason – long May holidays, as well as a fairly high level of uncertainty. The predominant majority of the capital’s metropolitan participants in the real estate market left the city line and therefore business activity has significantly decreased.

The second half of the last month was marked by an increase in the total number of incoming calls and viewing real estate objects. Various high -altitude work in Kyiv, construction and so on were also activated. Having finished with the holidays, as sellers, so actually the buyers intended to actually assess the whole complexity of the current situation as possible. Some tried to identify trendy in a wide variety of real estate segments. Others tried to completely determine what exactly the situation will be in the subsequent. Experts drew attention to the fact that a rather significant fluctuation in medium prices could be observed in the market. Nevertheless, certain buyers began to occupy a wait -and -see position in anticipation of better times.