Features of the arrangement of the ceiling in the bathroom

The bathroom is a special premises in any residential building. Increased humidity and constant temperature change does not allow you to fully use many types of finishes. The ceiling should first be moisture resistant, durable and have an aesthetically attractive look. All these requirements are met by modern Togliatti stretch ceilings, which are most often used to arrange the ceiling in the bathroom.

Individual design

Designer solutions for the bathroom have their own characteristics. More often than others, turquoise, blue or blue shades are used to decorate the walls and ceiling here. These colors harmonize well with water space and perfectly emphasize the chrome surfaces of plumbing.

Glossy or matte (they are given preferences in a combined bathroom), the canvas corresponding to the general design of the colors will create an atmosphere of comfort and comfort in the room:

The original photo printing with the image of floating fish, waterfalls or drops of rain will decorate any composition;

In classic interiors, using a special stretch fabric, an imitation of luxurious Venetian plaster is created;

In spacious bathrooms, it is possible to design various zones with a multi -level ceiling with the help of a multi -level ceiling. For example, a washbasin, a toilet or a shower cabin. Each sector is distinguished by a certain color or level of ceiling structure;

Installation of the ceiling structure slightly reduces the height of the room, so it is best to use single -level structures in small baths;

Mirror surfaces always attract the eye. By installing a mirror stretch ceiling in the bathroom, you can not only visually extend the boundaries of the space, but make the usual surface stylish and unique;

The expansion effect can be achieved using glossy paintings and properly installed ceiling lighting;

Fabric canvases have a special impregnation that allows them to be used in rooms with an increased moisture level. On the base white color of paintings, you can apply a large -format photo printing or decorated with original prints.

The bathroom is not only a room for morning batteries, but also a place for evening relaxation and relaxation. The stretch ceiling in the bathroom should be made in calm pastel colors, combined in tone with the main solution of the interior.