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Features of strip foundations

The idea of ​​the foundations of buildings has almost any person. This part of the buildings is located underground, it perceives and transfers the load to the base, which are the layers of dense soil. The strip foundation has the form of a reinforced concrete strip continuing around the entire perimeter of the building. It is placed under internal and external walls of development and provides the cross section of the same form along the entire perimeter of the foundation. The tape foundation compared to slab or piles needs a simpler construction technology. But she is characterized by a significant consumption of materials and increased labor in comparison with a columnar foundation. The purpose of the strip foundations is to use them for buildings with massive ceilings; for buildings with brick, concrete, stone walls; With the existence of a threat of uneven sediment of the foundation due to the heterogeneity of the soil on the site. The tape reinforced foundation redistributes the load as a whole, so that the walls will not be deformed and the appearance of cracks. In the course of planning the construction of a house, a competent and responsible attitude to the choice of the type of foundation is very important. A mistake made at the beginning of construction, for example, due to the intention to save materials, can further lead to the most serious negative consequences when operating the house, which will cost much more than planned savings. These consequences can be expressed in manifestations such as deformation (vertical and horizontal), uneven sediment, cracks in the supporting structures, and distant distances. It must be remembered that the zero cycle during the construction of the building, including the preparation of the base and the foundation, is a very costly process.